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Applying Immersive Visualization Techniques to Analyze Model Outputs: A Case Study of Hurricane Lili
Jibonananda Sanyal, Phil Amburn, Song Zhang, Patrick J Fitzpatrick, Robert Moorhead

Layered Volume Splatting
Philipp Schlegel, Renato Pajarola

A Flexible and Memory Efficient Data Structure for GPU-based Polyhedral Grid Raycasting
Philipp Muigg, Markus Hadwiger, Helmut Doleisch

Immersive Visualization of Large Tree-Based AMR Simulations On Tiled Displays with VTK
Thierry Carrard, Claire Guilbaud

A Streamline Selection Technique for Integrated Scalar and Vector Visualization
Shiho Furuya, Takayuki Itoh

Efficient Clustering for Interval Trees
Brian Duffy, Hamish Carr, Aaron Quigley

An Augmented Tiled HiRes Display Wall
Sebastian Thelen, Peter-Scott Olech, Achim Ebert, Hans Hagen

Visualizing Urban Sprawl
Sebastian Petsch, Hans Hagen, Kerstin Müller, Luc Heischbourg, Subhrajit Guhathakurta, Nabil Kamel

A Fast GPU Particle System Approach for Isocontouring on HP-Adaptive Finite Element Meshes
Joachim E. Vollrath, Christian Azambuja, Joao Comba, Daniel Weiskopf

Animation and Exploration for Intervention Planning
Konrad Muehler

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Morphological Changes in Cell Death Using Multiple Volume Visualization
Naohisa Sakamoto, Takuma Kawamura, Miki Kioka, Koji Koyamada, Kazuhiro Sakamaki

Stereoscopic 3D Views with In-Place 2D Overlays for a Medical Tutoring System
Matthias Deller, Peter Dannenmann, Achim Ebert, Gerd Reis, Daniel Steffen

Application of High-performance Visual Analysis Methods to Laser Wakefield Particle Acceleration Data
Oliver Rübel, Prabhat, Kesheng Wu, Hank Childs, Jeremy Meredith, Cameron G.R. Geddes, Estelle Cormier-Michel, Sean Ahern, Gunther H. Weber, Peter Messmer, Hans Hagen, Bernd Hamann, E. Wes Bethel

Haptics-Assisted 3D Lasso Drawing for Tracts-of-interest Selection in DTI Visualization
Wenjin Zhou, Stephen Correia, David H. Laidlaw

Evaluation of Design Features in Interactive 3D Tracts-of-interest Selection Tools in DTI
Wenjin Zhou, Stephen Correia, David H. Laidlaw

A Proposed Experiment for Evaluating 3D Vector Visualization Methods
Andrew Forsberg, Jian Chen, David Laidlaw

Policy-Driven Visualization of Urban Forms for Planning Support
Ariane Middel, Robert Pahle, Peter-Scott Olech, Hans Hagen

Direct Manipulation of Multi-Dimensional Transfer Functions using Data Clustering Analysis
Huan Nguyen, Joerg Meyer

Interactive Exploration of Protein Flexibility Using Coarse Grained Normal Modes
Aaron Bryden, Michael Gleicher, George N. Phillips Jr.

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