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The 2008 IEEE Visualization Design Contest is designed to foster comparison of novel and established techniques, provide benchmarks for the community, and to create an exciting venue for discussion at the conference.

» Theme and Data Sets

The theme for the IEEE Visualization 2008 Contest is Multifield 3D Scalar Data. The subject is an ionization front instability simulation data set submitted by Mike Norman and Daniel Whalen. They want to understand the formation of galaxies, in particular the effect of "shadow instabilities", where radiation ionization fronts scatter around primordial gas.

The image to the right, from [1], shows a shadow instability forming in one 2D slice through the data set over time. The scientists have not yet seen a 3D view of the fronts, much less the multivariate views needed to answer their questions. This is your chance to be part of new discoveries about the way the universe formed!

» Focus on Design

The goal of this year's contest is to design a visualization that is effective at answering domain-science questions on real data sets. The use of existing tools and research prototypes, and combinations of such tools are perfectly acceptable so long as they produce effective and useful visualizations.

See the conference web page at for more information and to download the data set.

» Important Dates

Deadline: August 1, 2008.

» Cochairs:

Russell Taylor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Amit Chourasia, University of California, San Diego

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