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Tuesday, October 21

» Practical Applications of Visual Analytics: On the Cusp of Widespread Adoption

Christian Chabot

Tableau Software


As practitioners and educators in the field of Visual Analytics Science and Technology, you've seen the power of visual analytics for scientific and technical applications including Homeland Security. But visual analytics is spreading to the general business population solving unexpected problems and challenges.

In this talk, Tableau Software CEO Christian Chabot will highlight the areas of opportunity for visual analytics and demonstrate real examples of practical problems being solved by visual analytics. He'll share his vision for the future of this industry - how everyday people can and are using visual analytics to solve some of business's and society's most challenging issues. He'll also identify what's needed to bring visual analytics to the forefront of mainstream data analysis and how the industry is helping to deliver on those needs.


Christian Chabot is CEO of Tableau Software. Prior to Tableau, Christian was an Associate Partner at Mobius Venture Capital, a $2.5 billion venture capital fund, where he specialized in enterprise applications. Before Mobius, Christian was CEO and co-founder of BeeLine Systems, a pioneer of next-generation digital route mapping technology. BeeLine was acquired by Vicinity Corporation in 2000. Christian also brings ten years of analytical software experience from his work at Cornerstone Research and Siemens AG to Tableau. He is the author of Understanding the Euro: The Clear and Concise Guide to the Trans-European Currency (McGraw-Hill, 1998) - a business bestseller. He holds an M.B.A. from Stanford University, an M.Sc. from the University of Sussex, England, and a B.S. in Engineering with Honors from Stanford University.

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