Sessions » Interactive Demonstrations Lab

Agent-based Visualization of Streaming Text
Riley Benson, Dave Crist

Touch the Sky: Interactive Illustration of Global Weather
Colin Ware, Dan Pineo, Rob Calusdian, Roland Arsenault

SocialRank: An Ego- and Time-centric Workflow for Relationship Identification
Jaime Montemayor, Chris Diehl, Mike Pekala, David Patrone

Parallel rendering with the Equalizer framework
Makhinya Maxim

PathView - An Information Visualization Tool
Pooja Gupta, Michael Boyles, Scott Long

A Comparison of Focus & Context Interaction Techniques with Examples from Real-Life Projects
Dominique Brodbeck, Luc Giradin

Two-handed Visualization: Bimanual Interaction Techniques for Exploring Time-Varying 3D Data
Trevor M. O'Brien, Daniel F. Keefe, David H. Laidlaw

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