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Interactive Poster: Visual Analytic Techniques for CO2 Emissions and Concentrations in the United States
Nathan Andrysco, Bedrich Benes, Kevin Gurney

Envisioning User Models for Adaptive Visualization
Jae-wook Ahn, Peter Brusilovsky

A Compound Approach for Interactive Visualization of Time-Oriented Data
Tim Lammarsch

Interactive Poster - SocialRank: An Ego- and Time-centric Workflow for Relationship Identification
Jaime Montemayor, Chris Diehl, Mike Pekala, David Patrone

Visual Analysis for Mutual Fund Performance
Ye Zhao, Jamal Alsakran, Xinlei Zhao

Poster: An Information Visualization System for the Understanding of Web Data
Victor Pascual-Cid

Supporting Exploration Awareness for Visual Analytics
Yedendra Babu Shrinivasan, Jarke J. van Wijk

Interactive Poster: Visual Data Mining of Unevenly-Spaced Event Sequences
AlexGodwin, Remco Chang, Robert Kosara, William Ribarsky

A 3D Treemap Approach for Analyzing the Classificatory Distribution in Patent Portfolios
Mark Giereth, Thomas Ertl

Visual Analysis of Seismic Simulation Data
Joerg Meyer, Florian Gerhardt

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