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IEEE Visualization 2009 (IEEE Vis) is the premier forum for visualization advances in science and engineering for academia, government, and industry. This event brings together researchers and practitioners with a shared interest in techniques, tools, and technology. The year 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of IEEE Vis and it will celebrate the maturation of visualization into an established scientific discipline.

Visualization has become an integral part in a wide array of application areas, and papers are solicited both for original visualization research and for the application of visualization towards the understanding of domain-specific data. The papers presented at IEEE Visualization Conferences collectively represent the most significant and comprehensive collection of technical advances in Visualization with a high level of originality, rigor and impact. In addition to papers in the traditional core visualization areas, submissions are also sought in emerging topics as listed in the call for papers as well as challenging new applications (security, microscopy) and interesting and salient case studies derived from the scientific, engineering and transactional domains.

In addition to Paper presentations, join us for other exciting and informative forums. The Panels are among the most exciting events, usually attracting a very large number of attendees. They provide an open forum for discussing important and/or controversial topics in the field today.

Tutorials at Visualization conferences provide a wide-range of detailed and relevant insights into the state-of-the-art in visualization technologies and principles. Tutorials allow established visualization researchers to give back to the larger community their well-earned accrued knowledge.

Workshops enable focused discussions to take place in an informal setting, allowing participants to promote new ideas, discuss interdisciplinary topics, involve domain experts, and disseminate work-in-progress. Some of the emergent and new exciting areas of visualization research often found their beginnings as a workshop.

Posters allow the presentation of nascent research and facilitate the exchange of ideas and discourse and are accorded a significant role in the Visualization conferences.

The Vis Contest poses a challenging problem set to the vis community and provides a venue for novel research, application and collaboration. Finally, generation of Visualization researchers an opportunity to present their ideas and receive viable and useful input.

If you have questions, please email info@vis.computer.org.

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