Sessions » InfoVis Papers
» Bioinformatics Visualization
Wednesday, 10:30AM - 12:10PM

Chair: Jesse Kennedy

Best Paper Award: ABySS-Explorer: Visualizing Genome Sequence Assemblies
Cydney B. Nielsen, Shaun D. Jackman, Inanç Birol, Steven J.M. Jones

Constructing Overview + Detail Dendrogram-Matrix Views
Jin Chen, Alan M. MacEachren, Donna J. Peuquet

Honorable Mention: MizBee: A Multiscale Synteny Browser
Miriah Meyer, Tamara Munzner, Hanspeter Pfister

GeneShelf: A Web-based Visual Interface for Large Gene Expression Time-Series Data Repositories
Bohyoung Kim, Bongshin Lee, Susan Knoblach, Eric Hoffman, Jinwook Seo

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Sensor Logs using Growth Ring Maps
Peter Bak, Florian Mansmann, Halldor Janetzko, Daniel A. Keim

» Models and Theories
Wednesday, 4:15PM - 5:05PM

Chair: T.J. Jankun-Kelly

A Nested Model for Visualization Design and Validation
Tamara Munzner

Conjunctive Visual Forms
Chris Weaver

» Graph Visualization
Thursday, 8:30AM - 10:10AM

Chair: Nathalie Riche-Henry

Honorable Mention: Interaction Techniques for Selecting and Manipulating Subgraphs in Network Visualizations
Michael J. McGuffin, Igor Jurisica

ActiviTree: Interactive Visual Exploration of Sequences in Event-Based Data Using Graph Similarity
Katerina Vrotsou, Jimmy Johansson, Matthew Cooper

"Search, Show Context, Expand on Demand": Supporting Large Graph Exploration with Degree-of-Interest
Frank van Ham, Adam Perer

A Comparison of User-Generated and Automatic Graph Layouts
Tim Dwyer, Bongshin Lee, Danyel Fisher, Kori Inkpen Quinn, Petra Isenberg, George Robertson, Chris North

Smooth Graphs for Visual Exploration of Higher-Order State Transitions
Jorik Blaas, Charl P. Botha, Edward Grundy, Mark W. Jones, Robert S. Laramee, Frits H. Post

» Multidimensional Data Visualization
Thursday, 10:30AM - 12:10PM

Chair: Niklas Elmqvist

Honorable Mention: Configuring Hierarchical Layouts to Address Research Questions
Aidan Slingsby, Jason Dykes, Jo Wood

Visualizing Social Photos on a Hasse Diagram for Eliciting Relations and Indexing New Photos
Michel Crampes, Jeremy de Oliveira-Kumar, Sylvie Ranwez, Jean Villerd

Interactive Dimensionality Reduction Through User-defined Combinations of Quality Metrics
Sara Johansson, Jimmy Johansson

Scattering Points in Parallel Coordinates
Xiaoru Yuan, Peihong Guo, He Xiao, Hong Zhou, Huamin Qu

Bubble Sets: Revealing Set Relations with Isocontours over Existing Visualizations
Christopher Collins, Gerald Penn, Sheelagh Carpendale

» Space and Time
Thursday, 2:00PM - 3:40PM

Chair: Jason Dykes

FromDaDy: Spreading Aircraft Trajectories Across Views to Support Iterative Queries
Christophe Hurter, Benjamin Tissoires, Stéphane Conversy

Honorable Mention: SellTrend: Inter-Attribute Visual Analysis of Temporal Transaction Data
Zhicheng Liu, John Stasko, Timothy Sullivan

Comparing Dot and Landscape Spatializations for Visual Memory Differences
Melanie Tory, Colin Swindells, Rebecca Dreezer

Flow Mapping and Multivariate Visualization of Large Spatial Interaction Data
Diansheng Guo

Temporal Summaries: Supporting Temporal Categorical Searching, Aggregation and Comparison
Taowei David Wang, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman, Neil Spring, David Roseman, Greg Marchand, Vikramjit Mukherjee, Mark Smith

» Collaborative Visualization
Thursday, 4:15PM - 5:55PM

Chair: Jeffrey Heer

ResultMaps: Visualization for Search Interfaces
Edward C. Clarkson, Krishna Desai, James D. Foley

Lark: Coordinating Co-located Collaboration with Information Visualization
Matthew Tobiasz, Petra Isenberg, Sheelagh Carpendale

The Benefits of Synchronous Collaborative Information Visualization: Evidence from an Experimental Evaluation
Sabrina Bresciani, Martin J. Eppler

Harnessing the Web Information Ecosystem with Wiki-based Visualization Dashboards
Matt McKeon

SpicyNodes: Radial Layout Authoring for the General Public
Michael Douma, Grzegorz Ligierko, Ovidiu Ancuta, Pavel Gritsai, Sean Liu

» Systems
Friday, 8:30AM - 10:10AM

Chair: Chris Weaver

code swarm: A Design Study in Organic Software Visualization
Michael Ogawa, Kwan-Liu Ma

Towards Utilizing GPUs in Information Visualization: A Model and Implementation of Image-Space Operations
Bryan McDonnel, Niklas Elmqvist

A Multi-Threading Architecture to Support Interactive Visual Exploration
Harald Piringer, Christian Tominski, Philipp Muigg, Wolfgang Berger

Protovis: A Graphical Toolkit for Visualization
Michael Bostock, Jeffrey Heer

Visual Analysis of Inter-Process Communication for Large-Scale Parallel Computing
Chris Muelder, Francois Gygi, Kwan-Liu Ma

» Text Visualization
Friday, 10:30AM - 12:10PM

Chair: Christopher Collins

Participatory Visualization with Wordle
Fernanda B. Viégas, Martin Wattenberg, Jonathan Feinberg

Document Cards: A Top Trumps Visualization for Documents
Hendrik Strobelt, Daniela Oelke, Christian Rohrdantz, Andreas Stoffel, Daniel A. Keim, Oliver Deussen

Visualizing the Intellectual Structure with Paper-Reference Matrices
Jian Zhang, Chaomei Chen, Jiexun Li

Exemplar-based Visualization of Large Document Corpus
Yanhua Chen, Lijun Wang, Ming Dong, Jing Hua

Best Paper Award: Mapping Text with Phrase Nets
Frank van Ham, Martin Wattenberg, Fernanda B. Viégas

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