Presenter Information
» Audio Visual Equipment:

All of the projectors in all meeting rooms will be equipped with a projector with a native resolution of 1024 X 768. Each room is equipped with a "state of the art", industry standard, Folsom Research scaler (interpolator) that will handle a maximum resolution of 1600 X 1200.

Each meeting room will be equipped with a standalone DVD player.

We will have switched connections for presentations from laptops

In addition each room will have a standalone Windows XP Pro PC with MS Office XP, IE 6.0, CDRW drive, 512MB RAM.

Presenters are encouraged to bring their own laptop (with video adapter if your laptop does not have standard HD15 connector) for panels, papers and presentations. For speakers not bringing their own laptops, the best options for basic Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are to bring along a portable USB drive or burn the presentation file onto a CD along with any necessary software plug-ins. Time will be available the evening previous to your presentation to load your presentation onto the actual PC you will be using, with time to check for any movie/sound link issues. A switchbox will be available at each lectern for multiple machine connections.

» Speaker's Prep Room Equipment:

The speaker's prep room will have a desktop machine configured exactly like the presentation machines. A small LCD projector will be in the room for testing your laptop's video output. We encourage you to test your presentation material with this equipment a day prior to your presentation. We will have wireless Internet access in the speaker prep room as well as availability of a HP 4000N laser printer.

» Slide Templates:

You may use either the dark background templates or light background templates.

  • IEEE VisWeek Templates (For all Vis, InfoVis, and VAST sessions, especially Tutorials, Workshops, Panels, etc. which cover all 3 conferences/symposium.) Dark. Light. Both (as zip file).
  • Visualization Templates (For Vis sessions) Dark. Light. Both (as zip file).
  • Information Visualization Templates (For InfoVis sessions) Dark. Light. Both (as zip file).
  • VAST Templates (For VAST sessions) Dark. Light. Both (as zip file).

The templates are also compatible with OpenOffice for users of GNU/Linux and other operating systems.

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