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Poster: Visualizing Schema Clusters for Agile Information Sharing
Beth Yost, Craig Bonaceto, Michael Morse, Chris Wolf, Ken Smith

Data Vases: Plots for Visualizing Multiple Time Series
Sidharth Thakur and Theresa-Marie Rhyne

Poster: Cascading Components for Efficient Querying of Similarity-Based Visualizations
Christian Beecks, Sascha Wiedenfeld, Thomas Seidl

TraXplorer: Multi-Focus Interaction in Time-Series Data Visualization
Waqas Javed, Niklas Elmqvist

What Does Diversity Look Like?
Tuan Pham, Rob Hess, Crystal Ju, Ronald Metoyer, Juan Gilbert

Visual Graph Comparisons with Bullseyes
Nathaniel Cesario, Alex Pang, Lise Getoor, Lisa Singh

Building Visual Summaries of Clusters of Trajectories
Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko

Poster: Comparative Viral Genome Visualization
Dennis Jen, Lisa Larson, Christian Stolte, David DeCaprio, Todd Allen, Bruce Birren, Michael Koehrsen, Matthew Henn

SocioScape — a Tool for Interactive Exploration of Spatio-Temporal Group Dynamics in Social Networks
Khairi Reda, Chayant Tantipathananandh, Tanya Berger-Wolf, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson

Poster: Design Elements and the Perception of Information Structure
Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Robert Kosara

Poster: Interactive Coverage Effectiveness Multiplots for Evaluating Prioritized Regression Test Suites
Adam M. Smith, Joshua J. Geiger, Gregory M. Kapfhammer, Manos Renieris, G. Elisabeta Marai

Interactive Attractive and Repulsive Operators in Parallel Coordinates
Peihong Guo, He Xiao, Xiaoru Yuan

Interactive Poster: Exploring Time-Varying Hypergraphs
Mathias John, Hans-Jörg Schulz, Heidrun Schumann, Adelinde M. Uhrmacher, Andrea Unger

Social Visualization for Micro-Blogging Analysis
Tanyoung Kim, Hee Young Jeong, Yee Chieh Chew, Matthew Bonner, John Stasko

Poster: Force-Directed Layout for Euler Diagrams
Luana Micallef, Peter Rodgers

Perspectives on Time: Enhancing Utility with Flexibility
Peter Kinnaird, John Stasko

Connect to Congress
Peter Kinnaird, Hafez Rouzati, Xin Sun

Interactive Visualization of Ecosystem Change for Public Education
Tanyoung Kim, Hwajung Hong, Brian Magerko

Multivariate Visualization of Continuous Datasets, a User Study
Haleh Hagh-Shenas, Sunghee Kim, Laura Tateosian, Christopher Healey

Large-scale Comparative Sentiment Analysis of News Articles
F. Wanner, C. Rohrdantz, F. Mansmann, A. Stoffel, D. Oelke, M. Kristajic, D. A. Keim, D. Luo, J. Yang, M. Atkinson

Bit by Bit: Incremental Data Visualization
Joseph A. Cottam, Andrew Lumsdaine

Poster: Getting All Your Bats in a Row: Optimizing Layout in Chronophotographic Style Visualizations
Fedor A. Korsakov, Daniel F. Keefe

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