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We received 49 entries from 30 teams, and gave 23 different awards to a total of 16 teams. See the main IEEE VAST 2009 Challenge website for more information.

During the IEEE VAST Challenge Panel (Monday, October 12 at 2:00 PM) the Challenge chairs will summarize the tasks, judging process, awards and the repository of the results.

An invitation-only IEEE VAST Challenge participant workshop is also taking place on Saturday, October 10, but only participants who submitted an entry can participate (so remember to submit next year!)

Availability of Materials After the Symposium
The data, solutions and submitted entries are available after the symposium at Visual Analytics Benchmarks Repository.

A summary of the IEEE VAST Challenge is available in the Proceedings, as well as a 2 page summary from each of the teams who received an award.

Challenge Introduction
VAST 2009 Challenge: An Insider Threat
Georges Grinstein, Catherine Plaisant, Jean Scholtz, Mark Whiting

Traffic Mini Challenge: Good Analytical Technique
Timeline Analysis of Undercover Activities
Jaegul Choo, Emily Fujimoto, Hanseung Lee, Pedro R. Walteros

Traffic Mini Challenge: Innovative Visualization & Excellent Description
Flitter Mini Challenge: Representation of Uncertainty in Rules & in Visualization

Solving the Traffic and Flitter Challenges with Tulip
Paolo Simonetto, Pierre-Yves Koenig, Faraz Zaidi, Daniel Archambault, Frédéric Gilbert, Trung-Tien Phan-Quang, Morgan Mathiaut, Antoine Lambert, Jonathan Dubois, Ronan Sicre, Mathieu Brulin, Remy Vieux, Guy Melançon

Traffic Mini Challenge: Intuitive Traffic Visualization and Video Description of the Analysis Process
Grand Challenge: Analyst's Tool Choice

Palantir: A Visualization Platform for Real-World Analysis
Brandon Wright, Jason Payne, Matthew Steckman, Scott Stevson

Traffic Mini Challenge: Good Tool Flexibility
Combining iterative analytical reasoning and software development using the visualization language Processing
Claudia Müller-Birn, Lukas Birn

Traffic Mini Challenge: Excellent Analytical Technique Featuring Integration of Data Mining and Visual Analytics
Flitter Mini Challenge: Good Analytic Debrief
Grand Challenge: Outstanding Integration of Mini-Challenge Results into Debrief

Integrative Visual Analytics for Suspicious Behavior Detection
Peter Bak, Christian Rohrdantz, Svenja Leifert, Christoph Granacher, Stefan Koch, Simon Butscher, Patrick Jungk, Daniel A. Keim

Traffic Mini Challenge: Intuitive Visual Presentation of Alibis
Best "One-Screen Shot" of the Solution

Detecting and Analyzing Relationships among Anomalies
David Allen, Tsai-Ching Lu, Dave Huber

Traffic Mini Challenge: Good Clarity of Analysis Supported by Visuals
Video Mini Challenge: Good Integration of Open Source Tools for Video Analysis

VIDI Surveillance - Embassy Monitoring and Oversight System
Chad Jones, Michael Ogawa, James Shearer, Anna Tikhonova, Kwan-Liu Ma

Flitter Mini Challenge: Novel Visualization of Effect of Rule Application
VIScover: Visualizing, Exploring, and Analysing Structured Data
Thorsten Liebig, Olaf Noppens, Friedrich von Henke

Flitter Mini Challenge: Good Visualization of Uncertainty & Analysis of Geographical Data
Visualization of Uncertainty and Analysis of Geographical Data
Jo Wood, Aidan Slingsby, Naz Khalili-Shavarini, Jason Dykes, David Mountain

Flitter Mini Challenge: Good Tool Adaption
Multiple Step Social Structure Analysis with Cytoscape
Hao Zhou, Anna A. Shaverdian, H.V. Jagadish, George Michailidis

Flitter Mini Challenge: Good Use of Competing Hypotheses
Lorne Leonard

Flitter Mini Challenge: Good Analytical Debrief
Visualized Subgraph Search
Dóra Erdős, Zsolt Fekete, András Lukács

Flitter Mini Challenge: Innovative Analytic Tool
Video Mini Challenge: Outstanding Video Analysis Tool
Grand Challenge: Excellent Example of Analytic Tradecraft

Innovative Filtering Techniques and Customized Analytics Tools
Harald Bosch, Julian Heinrich, Benjamin Höferlin, Markus Höferlin, Steffen Koch, Christoph Müller, Guido Reina, Michael Wörner

Traffic Mini Challenge: Intuitive Analytic Information Presentation
Shraddha Agrawal, Kollukuduru Sravanthi, Soujanya Vadapalli, Kamalakar Karlapalem

Traffic Mini Challenge: Special Contributions to the VAST Challenge Contest
Professional Analysts using a Large, High-Resolution Display
Alex Endert, Christopher Andrews, Glenn A. Fink, Chris North

Traffic Mini Challenge: Excellent Analysis Facilitated by a Customizable Toolset
Merging Visual Analysis with Automated Reasoning: Using Prajna to Solve the Traffic Challenge
Edward Swing

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