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Interactive Demos and Art brings together the Interactive Demo Lab and the Art Exhibit from previous years. Researchers with interactive demos who would like to interact with conference attendees on a one-on-one basis are highly encouraged to submit their work. We are also soliciting artistic demos, videos, interactive pieces, and printed artworks that reveal information patterns in aesthetic, provocative and innovative ways. All interactive demos and artwork will be on display at the VisWeek venue during the poster sessions and will be included and/or documented electronically on the IEEE VisWeek 2009 Conference DVD, and summarized in the hardcopy Compendium distributed to all IEEE InfoVis and IEEE Vis Conference and IEEE VAST Symposium attendees.

Submission instructions

Please send your Interactive Demo and Art submission materials by email to interactive_demos@vgtc.org. See below for what to include and attach to the email.

Important Dates

Deadline: Wednesday, July 1, 2009 5:00pm PDT

Information for Authors

Interactive Demos and Art authors must submit a two-page PDF summary in the same two-column format as required for papers and posters. Authors who mainly plan to display a static, technically-oriented poster (with or without video) are encouraged to submit to one of the Posters sections instead. Clearly identify the type of your submission by including the prefix "Exhibit:" in the title of your summary. Please click here for summary formatting guidelines.

Authors must also prepare a brief one or two paragraph description of the demo or piece. The description must summarize your space and hardware needs and what you would require from the conference organization to make your participation a success. We also require a separate textual caption that will be printed for display with the piece. Although not required, a video of the work (less than 10 MB) would help greatly in evaluating your contribution as all submissions will be evaluated on practicability and feasibility of presentation as well as creative content.

Participants attending in person are required to bring their own computer hardware (e.g. laptops). Projectors and internet access will be provided by the conference organisation where needed. Interactive art submitters who cannot attend the conference in person will need to discuss their hardware requirements and logistics with the poster chairs prior to acceptance. Please note that Interactive Demos and Art submissions are for non-commercial purposes only. Information about exhibiting/demonstrating a commercial product may be found in Exhibitors and Corporate Support.


Frank van Ham, IBM Research
Chris Weaver, University of Oklahoma

Email: interactive_demos@vgtc.org

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