October 24 - 29, 2010 | Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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Exploring brain connectivity with two-dimensional neural maps
Radu Jianu, Çağatay Demiralp, David H. Laidlaw

Poster: Collaborative Visualization of Structural Biology
Aaron Bryden, Yoram Griguer, Tom Grim, Jordan Moxon, Michael Gleicher

Spectral Modeling of Divergence-Free Vector Fields
Fan Chen, Ye Zhao, Zhi Yuan

Aesthetics and Understanding in Molecular Motion
Shareef M. Dabdoub, William C. Ray

Poster: An Interactive, Visual Composite Tuner for Multi-layer Spatial Data Sets
Jonathan W. Decker, Mark A. Livingston

Poster: Multi-Dimensional Transfer Function Design based on Combined Interface of Parallel Coordinates and Dimension Projection
Hanqi Guo, Peihong Guo, He Xiao, Xiaoru Yuan

Tensor Visualization in Computational Turbulent Combustion: A Case Study
Md. A. Haque, A. Maries, S. Levent Yilmaz, Mehdi B. Nik, G. Elisabeta Marai

A High-Quality Sampling Technique of PBVR for Unstructured Hexahedral Mesh Data
Takuma Kawamura, Koji Koyamada, Naohisa Sakamoto, Satoshi Tanaka

GPU-based Dynamic Tubular Grids for Sparse Volume Rendering
David Mayerich, John Keyser

Real-Time Visualizations of Ocean Data Collected By The NORUS Glider
Daniel Medina, Zoë J. Wood

GPU-Based Interactive Pixel-Exact Cut-Surface Extraction From High-Order Finite Element Fields
Blake Nelson, Bob Haimes, Robert M. Kirby

Poster: Asynchronous View-Dependent Data Retrieval for Interactive Out-of-Core Terrain Visualization
Derek Overby, John Keyser, Jim Wall

3D Curve-Skeleton Extraction Using a Skeleton-Growing Algorithm
Natapon Pantuwong, Masanori Sugimoto

Street Light View: Enriching Navigable Panoramic Street View Maps with Informative Illumination Thumbnails
Charles Rojo, Wei Xu, Klaus Mueller

Poster: Visualizing Differences of DTI Fiber Models Using 2D Normalized Embeddings
Guizhen Wang, Haidong Chen, Xiaoyong Yang, Shuang Ye, Guangyu Chen, Wei Chen, Song Zhang

Nested Refinement Domains for Tetrahedral and Diamond Hierarchies
Kenneth Weiss, Leila De Floriani

Hierarchical Streamline Bundles for Visualizing 2D Flow Fields
Hongfeng Yu, Chaoli Wang, Ching-Kuang Shene, Jacqueline H. Chen

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