October 24 - 29, 2010 | Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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A Radial Visualization Tool for Depicting Hierarchically Structured Video Content
Tobias Ruppert, Jörn Kohlhammer

Poster: Dynamic Time Transformation for Interpreting Clusters of Trajectories with Space-Time Cube
Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko

Interactive Visual Analysis of Multiobjective Optimizations
Wolfgang Berger, Harald Piringer

Cluster Correspondence Views for Enhanced Analysis of SOM Displays
Jürgen Bernard, Tatiana von Landesberger, Sebastian Bremm, Tobias Schreck

Visualization of Temporal Relationships within Coordinated Views
Stephanie Dudzic, J. Alex Godwin, Ryan M. Kilgore

Conveying Network Features in Geospatial Battlespace Displays
J. Alex Godwin, Ryan M. Kilgore

ALIDA: Using Machine Learning for Intent Discernment in Visual Analytics Interfaces
Tera Marie Green, Ross Maciejewski, Steve DiPaola

Poster: Enhancing Text-Based Chat With Visuals For Hazardous Weather Decision Making
Moshe Gutman, Gina Eosco, Monica Zappa, Chris Weaver

Visual Analysis of Frequent Patterns In Large Time Series
M.C. Hao, M. Marwah, H. Janetzko, D.A. Keim, U. Dayal, R. Sharma, D. Patnaik, N. Ramakrishnan

Visually Representing Geo-Temporal Differences
Orland Hoeber, Garnett Wilson, Simon Harding, René Enguehard, Rodolphe Devillers

A Continuous Analysis Process Between Desktop and Collaborative Visual Analytics Environments
Dong Hyun Jeong, Evan Suma, Thomas Butkiewicz, William Ribarsky, Remco Chang

EmailTime: Visual Analytics of Emails
Minoo Erfani Joorabchi, Ji-Dong Yim, Christopher D. Shaw

Enron Case Study: Analysis of Email Behavior using EmailTime
Minoo Erfani Joorabchi, Ji-Dong Yim, Mona Erfani Joorabchi, Christopher D. Shaw

Large-scale Neuroanatomical Visualization Using a Manifold Embedding Approach
Shantanu H. Joshi, Ian Bowman, John Darrell Van Horn

Combining Statistical Independence Testing, Visual Attribute Selection and Automated Analysis to Find Relevant Attributes for Classification
Thorsten May, James Davey, Jörn Kohlhammer

Visual Tools for Dynamic Analysis of Complex Situations
Marielle Mokhtari, Eric Boivin, Denis Laurendeau, Maxime Girardin

Data Representation and Exploration with Geometric Wavelets
Eric E. Monson, Guangliang Chen, Rachael Brady, Mauro Maggioni

Poster: Translating Cross-Filtered Queries into Questions
Maryam Nafari, Chris Weaver

Interactive Poster: ProDV — A Case Study in Delivering Visual Analytics
Derek Overby, John Keyser, Jim Wall

A Visual Analytics Approach to Identifying Protein Structural Constraints
William C. Ray

Poster: Adapting Daniel and Wood's Modeling Approach to Interactive Visual Analytics
Justin Talbot, Pat Hanrahan

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