October 24 - 29, 2010 | Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Visualization Design Contest

The problem proposed for 2010 Visualization Contest was focussed on assisting neurosurgical planning through visualization. Two comprehensive data sets were provided along with relevant questions.

There were a total of 11 submissions (the most viscontest has had so far). The quality of submission was very good overall. For each submission, three reviews were done by visualization experts and two reviews were done by neurosurgical domain experts for top 9 of 11 submissions. The detailed break up of review scores is available at the website http://viscontest.sdsc.edu/2010/.

The VisContest committee has determined that there will be one winner and three honorable mentions as follows

Winner: Pre-Operative Planning of Brain Tumor Resections
Stefan Diepenbrock, Jörg-Stefan Praßni, Florian Lindemann, Hans-Werner Bothe, Timo Ropinski

Honorable mention: An Exploration and Planning Tool for Neurosurgical Interventions
Diana Röttger, Sandy Engelhardt, Christopher Denter, Burkhard Güssefeld, Annette Hausdörfer, Gerrit Lochmann, Dominik Ospelt, Janine Paschke, QiAn Tao, Stefan Müller

Honorable mention: Neurosurgical Intervention Planning with VolV
Silvia Born, Daniela Wellein, Peter Rhone, Matthias Pfeifle, Jan Friedrich, Dirk Bartz

Honorable mention: A Fiber Navigator for Neurosurgical Planning (NeuroPlanningNavigator)
Olivier Vaillancourt, Gabriel Girard, Arnaud Bore, Maxime Descoteaux

The winner will receive

  1. One Apple iPad 16GB (sponsored by Brainlab) for the winner
  2. One full registration to Visweek 2010 for the winner
  3. Certificates to each team member of winning teams
  4. Poster at VisWeek 2010
  5. Presentation by the contest winner at VisWeek 2010 (Wednesday, 4:15-4:40pm)

The honorary mention team members will receive certificates.

Plan on attending the VisContest Session on October 27, Wednesday 4:15-4:40 pm. For more information visit the contest website at http://viscontest.sdsc.edu/2010/.

Important Dates

VisWeek 2010
Sunday, October 24 - Friday, October 29, 2010

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