Volunteer News
** Sep-25-2003

The job signup page will go on-line at noon (Central Daylight Time) on Wednesday October 1st. Please go to http://www.graphics.umn.edu/vis2003/jobs/ to view and sign up for jobs.

** Sep-11-2003

The conference is approaching quickly; we are looking forward to working with you. There are three things you need to do prior to the conference: conference registration, SV task preference sign-up, and arrival/departure plan notification. Your hotel reservation will be handled by the conference, so do not attempt to make a reservation. Students traveling from outside the US, please look at item 4.

  1. Please register for the IEEE Vis conference as soon as possible at http://vis.computer.org/vis2003/registration/forms.html. You will be asked for a $100 deposit. This deposit will be applied against your room expenses. (Please choose only "Student Volunteer pre-approved" and Wednesday Reception.)
  2. Sign-up for your task preference after the task webpage is posted: no later than 1 week afterward. Be advised that some of the tasks are not firm at this time and may change. Please read the instructions and notes on the sign-up webpage for important information once they are available. The sign-up webpage will be posted at:


    Click on "Job Signup" when the link becomes available in a few days.
    (Right now, we have an almost-complete list of tasks -- you might want to take a look and tentatively make up your schedule.)
  3. As soon as you have firm travel plans, please let us know your arrival and departure time and dates in PST. We need this to pre-calculate the hotel room expenses. If you have a preference for a roommate, let us know in the same email message. Please use the following format: Arrival date: Arrival time: Departure date: Departure time: Staying at conference hotel? (yes or no) Preferred roommates: (list)
  4. SVs traveling from outside the US: please consult the emailed instructions dated Sept 11 about obtaining an official invitation to the conference or contact the SV co-chairs for information.
** Sep-05-2003

Student Volunteers should not register for the conference until notified to do. Special arrangements are still being made. You will be notified when these arrangements are complete.
Likewise, please do not reserve a hotel room until we release the list of volunteers. You may then make room mate selections. We will try to accomodate everyone's preference, if at all possible. IEEE will reserve rooms for you once the room assignment is done.
We are still compiling the list of tasks for SVs. As soon as the list is complete, we will ask everyone to sign up for jobs. Please plan to be available for the entire conference (Sunday to Friday).
Please bookmark this page and check back often for further news and updates.

** Jul-16-2003

Student Volunteer (SV) selections were based on applications received by July 14, 2003. We identified six categories of candidates listed in priority order below. Priority was given to categories likely to ensure quality, highly motivated volunteers. We have funding for a total of 45 SVs. The top four categories defined a group of 44 volunteers. One SV was selected from category 5 to complete the initial set of 45 SVs. The remaining two candidates in category 5 were assigned the first two positions in the alternate, or wait, list. The candidates in category 6 were randomly assigned positions on the alternate list. As of July 14, we have identified 45 SVs and 11 alternates. One applicant was not considered a candidate for selection.

1. Applicants with positive IEEE Vis SV experience 2020
2. Applicants with accepted papers 1434
3. Applicants with previous SV experience 539
4. Applicants from non-USA institutions 544
5. Applicants with unsolicited, relevant recommendations 347
6. Applicants selected at random from the pool of candidates 956
   (45 SVs plus 11 alternates)

Selected SVs and alternates must confirm (or not) their availability upon receipt of notification. Please notify us immediately if your availability changes so that we can notify an alternate.

We will continue to accept applications to build a longer alternate list. From past experience, we expect that some of the selected SVs will be unable to attend the conference or will find other sources of funding. Some alternate positions will be reserved for students with accepted posters applying after the poster selections have been announced. Other suitable applicants (candidates) applying after July 14 will be assigned alternate positions after the reserve block in order of application.