Workshop 1 (Half day)
Diffusion Tensor MRI Visualization

Diffusion tensor MRI visualization is a growing field of research. The scanners are collecting better data all the time, and doctors and scientists are constanty discovering new applications for this data. However, unlike scalar and vector data, high-dimensional tensors are not always intuitive to visualize. When devising new strategies for DT-MRI visualization, it is important to understand both what exactly it is that is being measured and what insights the doctors and scientists are hoping to gain from the data. This workshop will be led by two organizers and 8 experts who work with diffusion tensor data. These experts include MR physicists who develop these sequences and acquire the data, visualization experts who have developed the most frequently used methods for investigating DT-MRI data, and a radiologist and a scientist who are using DT-MRI data in their day-to-day diagnoses and research. Participants will learn various aspects of DT-MRI, including the experts current research areas and the directions that they see as most promising; and they will have the opportunity to participate in mediated discussions on these topics.

Workshop Chairs:
Leonid Zhukov, California Institute of Technology
David Weinstein, University of Utah

Workshop 2 (Full day)
Parallel Visualization and Graphics

Ever increasing data sizes coupled with availability of commodity components in recent years has opened up exciting opportunities in handling large data visualization problems using parallel rendering systems. This workshop aims to bring together various trends in Parallel Visualization and Graphics by covering different aspects of the problem. As part of this workshop, a comprehensive survey of existing parallel rendering systems and present emerging technologies in this domain will be provided. The workshop will bring together ideas from academia, government, and industry to cover a broad spectrum of applications and views. It will consist of a set of invited talks. The workshop will be divided into three main sessions, corresponding to the three main aspects of parallel rendering systems, namely 1) system architectures, 2) software and toolkits, and 3) applications, algorithms and techiques.

Workshop Chairs:
Praveen Bhaniramka, SGI
Mike Houston, Stanford University
Greg Humphreys, University of Virginia