Conference Committee
Conference Chairs
Jim Thomas Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Hanspeter Pfister Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Program Chairs
Pak Chung Wong Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Kelly Gaither University of Texas
Papers Chairs
Greg Turk Georgia Institute of Technology
Jarke J. van Wijk Technical University Eindhoven
Robert Moorhead Mississippi State University
Panels Chairs
Dirk Bartz University of Tübingen
Renato Pajarola University of California, Irvine
Applications Chairs
Chris Johnson University of Utah
Klaus Mueller SUNY Stony Brook
Robert Erbacher Utah State University
Rachael Brady Duke University
Posters Chairs
Kwan Liu Ma Univerisity of California, Davis
Han-Wei Shen The Ohio State University
David Laidlaw Brown University
Workshop Chairs
Chaomei Chen Drexel University
Marjan Trutschl Louisiana State University, Shreveport
Tutorials Chairs
Terry Yoo National Institutues of Health
Loretta Auvil National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Ken Martin Kitware
Interactive Demos
Joerg Meyer University of California, Irvine
Birds of a Feather Chairs
Mike Pique Scripps Research Institute
Theresa-Marie Rhyne North Carolina State University
IEEE CS Meeting Services Liason
Kristine Weiand IEEE Computer Society
Local Arrangements
Dave Kasik Boeing Aerospace/Seattle
Exhibition Chair
Matthew O. Ward Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Publications Chair
Torsten Möller Simon Fraser University
Student Volunteer Chairs
Susan Havre Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sunny Kim University of Minnesota
Finance Chair
Loretta Auvil NCSA
Graphic Design
Twig Gallemore
Melissa Kingman
Publicity Chairs
Elizabeth Jurrus Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dirk Bartz University of Tübingen
Network, Security, and AV Chair
Hank Kacmarski Beckman Institute
Conference Web Master
Steve Lamont University of California, San Diego
Conference Chair Assistant
Lisa Glasford Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Info Vis Symposium Liaison
Daniel Keim University of Constance
PVG Symposium Liaison
Cláudio Silva University of Utah
Washington Software Alliance Liaison
Mark Goodwin Pacific Northwest National Laboratory