Overview & Topics

Vis 2003 is the premier forum for visualization advances in science and engineering for academia, government, and industry. This event brings together researchers and practitioners with a shared interest in techniques, tools, and technology. We invite you to participate by submitting your original research and joining us in beautiful Seattle, Washington, October 19 - 24, 2003.

We extend a special invitation to exhibitors in the field. Seattle is the hub for basic visualization research, software companies building innovative visualization products, and advanced technology companies that routinely use visualization.

Co-located with Vis 2003, are two highly successful Symposia:

InfoVis 2003: IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization.

PVG 2003: IEEE Symposium on Parallel and Large-Data Visualization and Graphics.

The combined symposia with Vis 2003 make this week in Seattle the place to be to participate in this rapidly expanding field.

Conference Topics

  Physical, Life, Social, and Information Science
  Biomedical, Bioinformatics
  Biomedicine, and Computational Biology
  Commerce, Finance, and Visual Data Mining
  Aerospace, Automotive, Environmental, and other areas in Engineering
  Large Data and High Dimensional Visualization
  Algorithms, Data Structures, and Visualization Paradigms
  Usability and Human Factors
  Multivariate Visualization
  Technology Transfer and Applications in the Marketplace
  National Security and Homeland Defense

Conference Reception

This year as a special treat for the Wednesday night reception, attendees will be going to Tillicum Village to enjoy a variety of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. This includes a delicious buffet featuring traditional Indian-style baked salmon, a spectacular stage show, and time to explore the forested trails and picturesque beach walks on Blake Island State Park.