Vis 2002 Best Papers Award

For the first time this year, we have an award committee to select the IEEE Visualization Best Paper Award. The best case study, best poster, and best panel awards are still being decided by audience votes.

2002 Best Paper

Non-Photorealistic Volume Rendering Using Stippling Techniques

Aidong Lu, Purdue University
Christopher J. Morris, IBM T.J. Watson Research
David S. Ebert, Purdue University
Penny Rheingans, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Charles Hansen, University of Utah

2002 Best Case Study

Christmas Tree Case Study: Computed Tomography as a Tool for Mastering Complex Real World Objects with Applications in Computer Graphics

Armin Kanitsar, Thomas Theußl, Lukas Mroz, Milos Srámek, Anna Vilanova Bartrolí, Balázs Csébfalvi, Jirí Hladùvka, Dominik Fleischmann, Michael Knapp, Rainer Wegenkittl, Petr Felkel, Stefan Guthe, Werner Purgathofer, and Meister Eduard Gröller, Vienna University of Technology

2002 Best Poster

Visualization of Vector Fields Using LIC and Volume Rendering

Anders Helgeland and Oyvind Andreassen, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

2002 Best Panel

Volume Rendering in Medical Applications: We've Got Pretty Images, What's Left to Do?

Organizer: Michael Meissner, Viatronix
Additional Panelists:
Bill Lorensen, General Electric
Karel Zuiderveld, Vital Images
Vikram Simha, TeraRecon
Rainer Wegenkittl, Tiani

Here is a summary of the IEEE Visualization Best Paper Award selection procedure:


1. The decision on the best IEEE Visualization paper will be made by an award committee.

2. The award committee consists of five members, including the three papers chairs, one member of the IEEE Visualization Steering Committee, and one external member.

3. The committee will be chaired by one of the papers chairs.

4. If a member experiences a conflict of interest he or she will step out and will be replaced by another senior researcher from our community.

2002 Committee Members

Chair: Markus Gross, ETH Zürich
Eduard Gröller, Technical University of Vienna
Arie Kaufman, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Robert Moorhead, Mississippi State University
Amitabh Varshney, University of Maryland, College Park

Selection Procedure

1. In a preselection process, each papers chair will select his/her top five candidates based on reviews, scores, potential, and impact on our field.

2. The awards chair will compile a list of candidate papers (5-8) based on this preselection.

3. The candidate papers will be passed on to all members of the committee along with reviews and other supporting materials.

4. Each member will have to read all papers in advance and provide a ranked list to the award chair.

5. The award committee will meet twice for the conference: During a kick-off meeting at the beginning of the conference, and during a final meeting on Friday to make the decision.

6. The committee will set up a small prize to be conveyed by the award chair.

7. The list of candidate papers will be made available to the Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) for possible inclusion into a special journal issue.

For comments or questions please contact Markus Gross,