We invite you to attend IEEE Visualization 2002, the 12th international conference for visualization innovations, held in Boston, MA, October 27 November 1, 2002. The conference brings together practitioners, professionals, and researchers from diverse areas such as information visualization, bio-informatics, medical sciences, bio-technology, engineering, and computer graphics.

The conference will be held at the venerable Boston Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Boston. The hotel, built in 1927, remains a landmark in the center of the city. It is close to the theater district and within walking distance to the Boston Public Gardens and nearby restaurants and nightclubs. Registration is now open.

We hope to see you in Boston!

  Hanspeter Pfister, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Mike Bailey, San Diego Supercomputer Center
IEEE Visualization 2002 Conference Chairs

New in 2002:

Keynote address on Wednesday by Stephen Wolfram, author of A New Kind of Science
Capstone address on Friday by Ray Kurzweil, author of The Age of Spiritual Machines

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Sunday, October 27 Workshops


Monday and Tuesday, October 28-29 Tutorials
  InfoVis 2002
VolVis 2002
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, October 30 - November 1 Papers
  Case Studies
Conference Activities Interactive Demonstration Lab
Special Events Keynote