Approximate Visual Hulls as Bounding Volumes for Occlusion Culling
Marc Alexa (Darmstadt University of Technology)
Dirk Bartz (University of Tubingen)
James T. Klosowski (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

TIV: A Thread Interaction Viewer
Kevin F. Audleman (Brown University)
David H. Laidlaw (Brown University)
Steven P. Reiss (Brown University)

Applying Geometry and Color Correction to Tiled Display Walls
Justin Binns (Argonne National Laboratory)
Gennette Gill (Argonne National Laboratory)
Mark Hereld (Argonne National Laboratory)
David Jones (Argonne National Laboratory)
Ivan Judson (Argonne National Laboratory)
Ti Leggett (Argonne National Laboratory)
Aditi Majumder (Argonne National Laboratory)
Matthew McCrory (Argonne National Laboratory)
Michael E. Papka (Argonne National Laboratory)
Rick Stevens (Argonne National Laboratory)

Smooth Curves on Polygonal Meshes
Georges-Pierre Bonneau(INRIA)
Stefanie Hahmann (Laboratoire LMC-IMAG)

Realtime Uncertainty Visualization of Mobile Objects in VGIS
Amin P. Charaniya (University of California at Santa Cruz)
Srikumar Ramalingam (University of California at Santa Cruz)
Suresh Lodha (University of California at Santa Cruz)
William Ribarsky (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Nick Faust (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Zachary Wartell (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Tony Wasilewski (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Seat Belt Routings over Virtual Humans - The Belt Design Service
Andreas Divivier (tecmath AG)
Achim Ebert (DFKI GmbH)
Michael Bender (University of Applied Sciences)
Hans Hagen (DFKI GmbH)

A 4D Deformable Model to Visualize Time-Varying Volumetric Datasets
Johnny De Freitas-Caires (Universite de Reims)
Aassif Benassarou (Universite de Reims)
Eric Bittar Universite de Reims)
Laaurent Lucas (Universite de Reims)

A Multi-Attribute Visualization for Analyzing Large Web Transactions
Ming C. Hao (Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories)
Daniel Cotting (Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories)
Thomas Holenstein (Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories)
Vijay Machiraju (Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories)
Pankaj Garg (Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories)

Visualization of Vector Fields Using LIC and Volume Rendering
Anders Helgeland (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment)
Oyvind Andreassen (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment)

geeViz (Grid-Enabled Environment Visualization):
Realtime Visualization of Distributed Systems

Joseph A. Insley (Argonne National Laboratory)
Michael E. Papka (Argonne National Laboratory)

The Great Potato Search: The Effects of Visual Context
on Users' Feature Search and Recognition Abilities in an IVR Scene
Cullen D. Jackson (Brown University)
David B. Karelitz (Brown University)
Sean A. Cannella (Brown University)
David H. Laidlaw (Brown University)

VITA: Visual Interface for Text Analysis
Zachary Jacobson (Health Canada)

Remote Exploration of Isosurfaces with Point-Based Non-PhotoRealistic Rendering
Guanfeng Ji (The Ohio State University)
Han-Wei Shen (The Ohio State University)
Jinzhu Gao (The Ohio State University)

Showing Shape with Texture
Sunghee Kim (University of Minnesota)
Haleh Hagh-Shenas (University of Minnesota)
Victoria Interrante (University of Minnesota)

comp-i: 3D Visualization of MIDI Dataset
Reiko Miyazaki (Ochanomizu University)
Issei Fujishiro (Ochanomizu University)

A Powerful Communication Framework for Distributed Virtual Reality
Bernd Reuther (University of Kaiserslautern)
Achim Ebert (DFKI GmbH)
Paul Muller (University of Kaiserslautern)
Hans Hagen (DFKI GmbH)

A Software Framework for Medical Visualization
Bartosz von Rymon-Lipinski (Research Center Caesar)
Thomas Jansen (Research Center Caesar)
Nils Hanssen (Research Center Caesar)
Marc Lievin (Research Center Caesar)
Erwin Keeve (Research Center Caesar)

Effects of Relative Particle Sizing and Bin Consolidation Enhancements to 5D Volume Visualization Algorithm
Rhonda J. Vickery (Mississippi State University)
Timothy R. Keen (Naval Research Laboratory)
Robert J. Moorhead (Mississippi State University)
Joerg Meyer (University of California, Irvine)
Randy J. Brou (Mississippi State University)
Ashley M. Noble (Mississippi State University)
Joel P. Martin (Mississippi State University)
Stephanie M. Doane (Mississippi State University)

Application of DTI Visualization and Analysis on a Data Set from a Brain Tumor Patient
Song Zhang (Brown University)
David H. Laidlaw (Brown University)
Mark E. Bastin (University of Edinburgh)
Saurabh Sinha (University of Edinburgh)
Thomas S. Deisboeck (MIT and Harvard Medical School)

Virtual Preoperative Laparoscopic Camera: Visualization and Modeling System
Leonid Zhukov (California Institute of Technology)
Igor Guskov (University of Michigan)
Sergey Klibanov (University of Michigan)
Dmitry Oleynikov (University of Nebraska Medical Center)