Case Studies


C1: Volume Rendering
Chair: Craig Laidlaw, Brown University

Christmas Tree Case Study: Computed Tomography as a Tool for Mastering Complex Real World Objects with Applications in Computer Graphics
Armin Kanitsar, Thomas Theußl, Lukas Mroz, Milos Srámek, Anna Vilanova Bartrolí, Balázs Csébfalvi, Jirí Hladùvka, Dominik Fleischmann, Michael Knapp, Rainer Wegenkittl, Petr Felkel, Stefan Guthe, Werner Purgathofer, and Meister Eduard Gröller, Vienna University of Technology

Case Study: Hardware-Accelerated Selective LIC Volume Rendering
Yasuko Suzuki, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Issei Fujishiro, Li Chen, and Hiroko Nakamura, Ochanomizu University

Case Study: Visualization and Analysis of High Rayleigh number --- 3D Convection in the Earth's Mantle
Gordon Erlebacher, David A. Yuen, and Fabien Dubuffet, School of Computational Science & Information Technology, Florida State University

Immersive Volume Visualization of Seismic Simulations: A Case Study of Techniques Invented and Lessons Learned
Prashant Chopra, Joerg Meyer, and Antonio Fernandez, Mississippi State University

C2: Information Visualization
Chair: Tamara Munzner, University of British Columbia

Case Study: A Look of Performance Expression
Rumi Hiraga, Bunkyo University

Case Study: Interactive Visualization for Internet Security
Soon Tee Teoh, Kwan-Liu Ma, S. Felix Wu, and Xiaoliang Zhao, University of California, Davis

PRIMA: A Case Study of Using Information Visualization Techniques for Patient Record Analysis
Donna L. Gresh, David A. Rabenhorst, Amnon Shabo, and Shimon Slavin, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Case Study: A Virtual Environment for Genomic Data Visualization
R. Mark Adams, Blaze Stancampiano, Michael McKenna, and David Small, Variagenics, Inc.


C3: Mesh and Flow Visualization
Chair: Raghu Machiraju, Ohio State University

Case Study: Visual Debugging of Finite Element Codes
Patricia Crossno, David H. Rogers, and Christopher J. Garasi, Sandia National Laboratories

Case Study: Interactive Rendering of Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data
Sanghun Park, Chandrajit L. Bajaj, and Vinay Siddavanahalli, University of Texas, Austin

A Case Study in Selective Visualization of Unsteady 3D Flow
Dirk Bauer, Ronald Peikert, Mie Sato, ETH Zürich, and Mirjam Sick, VA Tech Hydro ETH Zürich

Case Study: Visualizing Ocean Flow Vertical Motions using Lagrangian-Eulerian Time Surfaces
Josh Grant, Gordon Erlebacher, and James O'Brien, Center for Ocean Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Florida State University

C4: Multi-Scale Techniques
Chair: Rachel Brady, Duke University

A Case Study on Multiresolution Visualization of Local Rainfall from Weather Radar Measurements
Thomas Gerstner, Dirk Meetschen, Susanne Crewell, Michael Griebel, and Clemens Simmer, Institute for Applied Mathematics, University of Bonn

Rendering The First Star In The Universe - A Case Study
Ralf Kähler, Donna Cox, Robert Patterson, Stuart Levy, Hans-Christian Hege, and Tom Abel, Zuse Institute, Berlin

NASA's Great Zooms: A Case Study
Gregory W. Shirah and Horace G. Mitchell, Goddard Space Flight Center

A Case Study on Automatic Camera Placement and Motion for Visualizing Historical Data
Stanislav L. Stoev and Wolfgang Straßer, WSI/GRIS, University of Tübingen


C5: Interactive Techniques
Chair: Dirk Bartz, University of Tübingen

Case Study on the Adaptation of Interactive Visualization Applications to Web-Based Production for Operational Mesoscale Weather Models
Lloyd A. Treinish, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Exploring Surface Characteristics with Interactive Gaussian Images (A Case Study)
Bradley Lowekamp, Penny Rheingans, University of Maryland Baltimore County, and Terry S. Yoo, National Library of Medicine

A Case Study On The Applications Of A Generic Library For Low-Cost Polychromatic Passive Stereo
Simon Stegmaier, Dirc Rose, and Thomas Ertl, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Case Study: "The Office of Real Soon Now" for Visualization
Samuel P. Uselton, Lawrence Livermore National Lab