Tutorial 7
Psychometrics 101: How to Design, Conduct, and Analyze Perceptual Studies of Computer Graphics Visualization Techniques (Half day) [proposal]
James Ferwerda, Cornell University
Holly Rushmeier, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Benjamin Watson, Northwestern University

As the field of Visualization matures, there's a trend to move away from the use of ad-hoc graphics techniques and toward algorithms that are based on a formal understanding of how people perceive visual representations of information. Psychometric methods from experimental psychology can be used to quantify the relationships between the properties of images and what people perceive. The results of psychometric experiments can be used to create predictive models of visual perception that can guide the development of effective and efficient visualization algorithms and enabling graphical interfaces.

This course will provide an introduction to the use of pschometric methods in computer graphics visualization, and will teach attendees how to design perceptual experiments that can be used to advance visualization research and applications.