Papers and Applications


Session 1A: Volume Rendering I

Chair: Eduard Gröller (Vienna University of Technology)

Methods for Efficient, High Quality Volume Resampling in the Frequency Domain
Aili Li (Stony Brook University)
Klaus Mueller (Stony Brook University)
Thomas Ernst (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Linear and Cubic Box Splines for the Body Centered Cubic Lattice
Alireza Entezari (Simon Fraser University)
Ramsay Dyer (Simon Fraser University)
Torsten Möller (Simon Fraser University)

Light Weight Space Leaping using Ray Coherence
Sarang Lakare (Stony Brook University)
Arie Kaufman (Stony Brook University)

Projecting Tetrahedra without Rendering Artifacts
Martin Kraus (Purdue University)
Wei Qiao (Purdue University)
David S. Ebert (Purdue University)

Session 1C: Flow Visualization I

Chair: David Laidlaw (Brown University)

Flow Field Clustering via Algebraic Multigrid
Michael Griebel (University of Bonn)
Tobias Preusser (University of Bremen / MeVis)
Martin Rumpf (University of Duisburg Schweitzer)
Marc Alexander Schweitzer (University of Bonn)
Alexandru Telea (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Based Algorithms for Vector Fields Visualization and Segmentation
Qiang Du (PSU)
Xiaoqiang Wang (PSU)

Investigating Swirl and Tumble Flow with a Comparison of Visualization Techniques
Robert S. Laramee (VRVis Research Center)
Daniel Weiskopf (University of Stuttgart)
Juergen Schneider (AVL)
Helwig Hauser (VRVis Research Center)

Visualizing Gyrokinetic Simulations
David Crawford (University of California at Davis)
Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California at Davis)
Min-Yu Huang (University of California at Davis)
Scott Klasky (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
Stephane Ethier (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)

Session 2A: Volume Rendering II

Chair: Lisa Avila (Kitware)

Hardware-Accelerated Adaptive EWA Volume Splatting
Wei Chen (Zhejiang University)
Liu Ren (Carnegie Mellon University)
Matthias Zwicker (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Hanspeter Pfister (MERL)

Generating Sub-Resolution Detail in Images and Volumes Using Constrained Texture Synthesis
Lujin Wang (Stony Brook University)
Klaus Mueller (Stony Brook University)

Constrained Inverse Volume Rendering for Planetary Nebulae
Marcus Magnor (MPI Informatik)
Gordon Kindlmann (University of Utah)
Charles Hansen (University of Utah)
Neb Duric (University of New Mexico)

Generating Realistic Images from Hydrothermal Plume Data
Kristina Rutgers University (Rutgers University)
Karen Bemis (Rutgers University)
Deborah Silver (Rutgers University)
Jamshed Dastur (Rutgers University)
Peter Rona (Rutgers University)

Session 2C: Flow Visualization II

Chair: Gerik Scheuermann (University of Leipzig)

Rendering Implicit Flow Volumes
Daqing Xue (The Ohio State University)
Caixia Zhang (The Ohio State University)
Roger Crawfis (The Ohio State University)

Anisotropic Volume Rendering for Extremely Dense, Thin Line Data
Greg Schussman (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California at Davis)

Display of Vector Fields Using a Reaction-Diffusion Model
Allen R. Sanderson (University of Utah)
Chris R. Johnson (University of Utah)
Robert M. Kirby (University of Utah)

Physically Based Methods for Tensor Field Visualization
Ingrid Hotz (University of California at Davis)
Louis Feng (University of California at Davis)
Hans Hagen (Technical University of Kaiserslautern)
Bernd Hamann (University of California at Davis)
Boris Jeremic (University of California at Davis)
Kenneth Joy (University of California at Davis)

Session 3A: View/Importance Driven Rendering

Chair: Kwan Liu Ma (University of California at Davis)

Quick-VDR: Interactive View-Dependent Rendering of Massive Models
Sung-Eui Yoon (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Brian Salomon (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Russell Gayle (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Dinesh Manocha (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Importance-Driven Volume Rendering
Ivan Viola (Vienna University of Technology)
Armin Kanitsar (Vienna University of Technology)
Eduard Gröller (Vienna University of Technology)

Visibility Culling for Time-Varying Volume Rendering Using Temporal Occlusion Coherence
Jinzhu Gao (The Ohio State University)
Han-Wei Shen (The Ohio State University)
Jian Huang (The University of Tennessee)
James Arthur Kohl (Oak Ridge National Lab)

Session 3B: Systems

Chair: Greg Johnson (University of Texas at Austin)

Visualization in Grid Computing Environments
Ken Brodlie (University of Leeds)
David Duce (Oxford Brookes University)
Julian Gallop (CCLRC)
Musbah Sagar (Oxford Brookes University)
Jeremy Walton (NAG Ltd.)
Jason Wood (Universiy of Leeds)

Visualizing Competitive Behaviors in Multi-User Virtual Environments
Nate Hoobler (University of Virginia)
Greg Humphreys (University of Virginia)
Maneesh Agrawala (Microsoft Research)

Scout: A Hardware-Accelerated System for Quantitatively Driven Visualization and Analysis
Patrick S. McCormick (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Jeff Inman (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
James P. Ahrens (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Charles Hansen (University of Utah)
Greg Roth (University of Utah)

Session 3C: Flow Visualization III

Chair: Daniel Weiskopf (University of Stuttgart)

Vorticity Based Flow Analysis and Visualization for Pelton Turbine Design Optimization
Filip Sadlo (ETH Zurich)
Ronald Peikert (ETH Zurich)
Etienne Parkinson (VA Tech Hydro)

Visualization of Intricate Flow Structures for Vortex Breakdown Analysis
Xavier Tricoche (University of Utah)
Christoph Garth (University of Kaiserslautern)
Gordon Kindlmann (University of Utah)
Eduard Deines (University of Kaiserslautern)
GerikScheuermann (University of Leipzig)
Markus Ruetten (DLR Goettingen)
Charles Hansen (University of Utah)

A Graphics Hardware-based Vortex Detection and Visualization System
Simon Stegmaier (University of Stuttgart)
Thomas Ertl (University of Stuttgart)


Session 4A: Meshes

Chair: Hans Hagen (University of Kaiserslautern)

Radial Hermite Operators for Scattered Point Cloud Data with Normal Vectors and Applications to Implicitizing Polygon Mesh Surfaces for Generalized CSG Operations and Smoothing
Gregory M. Nielson (Arizona State University)

Compatible Triangulations of Spatial Decompositions
William J. Schroeder (Kitware)
Berk Geveci (Kitware)
Mathieu Malaterre (Kitware)

Adaptive 4-8 Texture Hierarchies
Lok M. Hwa (UC Davis)
Mark A. Duchaineau (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Kenneth I. Joy (UC Davis)

Session 4C: Molecules I

Chair: Terry Yoo (National Institutes of Health)

Immersive Design of DNA Molecules with a Tangible Interface
Steven Schkolne (Caltech)
Hiroshi Ishii (MIT Media Lab)
Peter Schröder (Caltech)

Augmented Reality with Tangible Auto-Fabricated Models for Molecular Biology Applications
Alexandre Gillet (The Scripps Research Institute)
Michel Sanner (The Scripps Research Institute)
Daniel Stoffler (The Scripps Research Institute)
David Goodsell (The Scripps Research Institute)
Arthur Olson (The Scripps Research Institute)

TexMol: Interactive Visual Exploration of Large Flexible Multi-component Molecular Complexes
Chandrajit Bajaj (University of Texas at Austin)
Peter Djeu (University of Texas at Austin)
Vinay Siddavanahalli (University of Texas at Austin)
Anthony Thane (University of Texas at Austin)

Session 5A: Surfaces

Chair: Torsten Möller (Simon Fraser University)

Rough Interface Reconstruction Using the Level Set Method
Yootai Kim (The Ohio State University)
Raghu Machiraju (The Ohio State University)
David Thompson (Mississippi State University)

Surface Reconstruction of Noisy and Defective Data Sets
Hui Xie (Stony Brook University)
Kevin McDonnell (Stony Brook University)
Hong Qin (Stony Brook University)

Optimal Global Conformal Surface Parameterization
Miao Jin (University of Florida)
Yalin Wang (UCLA)
Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard)
Xianfeng Gu (University of Florida)

Local and Global Comparison of Continuous Functions
Herbert Edelsbrunner (Duke University)
John Harer (Duke University)
Vijay Natarajan (Duke University)
Valerio Pascucci (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Session 5B: Lighting and Perception

Chair: Victoria Interrante (University of Minnesota)

Light Collages: Lighting Design for Effective Visualization
Chang Ha Lee (University of Maryland)
Xuejun Hao (University of Maryland)
Amitabh Varshney (University of Maryland)

Lighting Transfer Functions Using Gradient Aligned Sampling
Eric B. Lum (University of California at Davis)
Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California at Davis)

Haptic Display of Interaction between Textured Models
Miguel A. Otaduy (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Nitin Jain (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Avneesh Sud (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Ming C. Lin (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

On the Role of Color in the Perception of Motion in Animated Visualizations
Daniel Weiskopf (University of Stuttgart)

Session 5C: Flow Topology

Chair: Patrick Moran (NASA Ames Research Center)

Topological Lines in 3D Tensor Fields
Xiaoqiang Zheng (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Alex Pang (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Stream Line and Path Line Oriented Topology for 2D Time-Dependent Vector Fields
Holger Theisel (MPI Informatik Saarbruecken)
Tino Weinkauf (Zuse Institute Berlin)
Hans-Christian Hege (Zuse Institute Berlin)
Hans-Peter Seidel (MPI Informatik Saarbruecken)

Tracking of Vector Field Singularities in Unstructured 3D Time-Dependent Datasets
Christoph Garth (University of Kaiserslautern)
Xavier Tricoche (SCI Institute)
Gerik Scheuermann (University of Leipzig)

Topology Visualization of the Optical Power Flow Through a Novel C-Shaped Nano-Aperture
Liying Sun (Stanford University)
Rajesh K. Batra (Intel Corporation)
Xiaolei Shi (GE Global Research Center)
Lambertus Hesselink (Stanford University)

Session 6A: Large Data

Chair: Eric Greenwade (Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory)

Interactive Exploration of Large Remote Micro-CT Scans
Steffen Prohaska (Zuse Institute Berlin)
Andrei Hutanu (Zuse Institute Berlin)
Ralf Kaehler (Zuse Institute Berlin)
Hans-Christian Hege (Zuse Institute Berlin)

Interactive Terascale Particle Visualization
David Ellsworth (NASA Ames Research Center)
Bryan Green (NASA Ames Research Center)
Patrick Moran (NASA Ames Research Center)

Intuitive and Interactive Modification of Large Finite Element Models
Dirc Rose (University of Stuttgart)
Katrin Bidmon (University of Stuttgart)
Thomas Ertl (University of Stuttgart)

Visualization of Salt-Induced Stress Perturbations
Patricia Crossno (Sandia National Laboratories)
David H. Rogers (Sandia National Laboratories)
Rebecca M. Brannon (Sandia National Laboratories)
David Coblentz (Los Alamos National Laboratories)

Session 6B: Medical Visualization I

Chair: Dirk Bartz (University of Tubingen)

Exploration of the Brain's White Matter Pathways with Dynamic Queries
David Akers (Stanford University)
Anthony Sherbondy (Stanford University)
Rachel Mackenzie (Stanford University)
Robert Dougherty (Stanford University)
Brian Wandell (Stanford University)

The VesselGlyph: Focus & Context Visualization in CT Angiography
Matus Straka (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Michal Cervenansky (Comenius University, Bratislava)
Alexandra La Cruz (Vienna University of Technology)
Arnold Koechl (Medical University of Vienna)
Milos Sramek (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Eduard Gröller (Vienna University of Technology)
Dominik Fleischmann ((Stanford University Medical Center)

Non-linear Model Fitting to Parameterize Diseased Blood Vessels
Alexandra La Cruz (Vienna University of Technology)
Matus Straka (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Arnold Koechl (Vienna University of Medicine)
Milos Sramek (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Eduard Gröller (Vienna University of Technology)
Dominik Fleischmann (Stanford University Medical Center)

Visualizing Cortical Waves and Timing from Data
Kay A. Robbins (University of Texas at San Antonio)
Mark Robinson (University of Texas at San Antonio)
David M. Senseman (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Session 6C: Finite Element Analysis

Chair: David Kao (NASA Ames Research Center)

Rendering Planar Cuts Through Quadratic and Cubic Finite Elements
Michael Brasher (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Robert Haimes (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

LoD Volume Rendering of FEA Data
Shyh-Kuang Ueng (National Taiwan Ocean University)
Yan-Jen Su (National Taiwan Ocean University)
Chi-Tang Chang (National Taiwan Ocean University)

Pixel-Exact Rendering of Spacetime Finite Element Solutions
Yuan Zhou (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Michael Garland (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Robert Haber (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

TetSplat: Real-time Rendering and Volume Clipping of Large Unstructured Tetrahedral Meshes
Ken Museth (Linkoping Institute of Technology)
Santiago Lombeyda (California Institute of Technology)


Session 7A: Isosurfaces I

Chair: T.J. Jankun-Kelly (Mississippi State University)

Efficient Point-Based Isosurface Exploration Using the Span-Triangle
Bartosz von Rymon-Lipinski (Research Center Caesar)
Nils Hanssen (Research Center Caesar)
Thomas Jansen (Research Center Caesar)
Lutz Ritter (Research Center Caesar)
Erwin Keeve (Research Center Caesar)

Volume Refinement Fairing Isosurfaces
Martin Bertram (TU Kaiserslautern)

Interactive Point-Based Isosurface Extraction
Yarden Livnat (SCI Institute)
Xavier Tricoche (SCI Institute)

Session 7C: Molecules II

Chair: Elizabeth Jurrus (University of Utah)

Detection and Visualization of Anomalous Structures in Molecular Dynamics Simulation Data
Sameep Mehta (The Ohio State University)
Kaden Hazzard (The Ohio State University)
Raghu Machiraju (The Ohio State University)
Srinivasan Parthasarathy (The Ohio State University)
John Wilkins (The Ohio State University)

PQuad: Visualization of Predicted Peptides and Proteins
Susan L. Havre (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Mudita Singhal (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Deborah A. Payne (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Bobbie-Jo M. Webb-Robertson (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Guaranteed Quality Triangulation of Molecular Skin Surfaces
Ho-Lun Cheng (NUS)
Xinwei Shi (NUS)

Session 8A: Isosurfaces II

Chair: Ken Martin (Kitware)

Dual Contouring with Topology-Preserving Simplification Using Enhanced Cell Representation
Nan Zhang (Stony Brook University)
Wei Hong (Stony Brook University)
Arie Kaufman (Stony Brook University)

Simplifying Flexible Isosurfaces Using Local Geometric Measures
Hamish Carr (University of British Columbia)
Jack Snoeyink (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Michiel van de Panne (University of British Columbia)

Dual Marching Cubes
Gregory M. Nielson (Arizona State University)

Session 8B: Medical Visualization II

Chair: Jon Genetti (University of Alaska, Fairbanks)

STEPS - an Application for Simulation of Transsphenoidal Endonasal Pituitary Surgery
André Neubauer (VRVis Research Center)
Stefan Wolfsberger (Medical University Vienna)
Marie-Therese Forster (Medical University Vienna)
Lukas Mroz (Tiani Medgraph AG)
Rainer Wegenkittl (VRVis Research Center)
Katja Bühler (VRVis Research Center)

Interactive Thickness Visualization of Articular Cartilage
Matej Mlejnek (Vienna University of Technology)
Anna Vilanova (Vienna University of Technology)
Eduard Gröller (Vienna University of Technology)

ImageSurfer: A Tool for Visualizing Correlations between Two Volume Scalar Fields
Dennis Jen (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Peter Parente (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Jonathan Robbins (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Christopher Weigle (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Russell M. Taylor II (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Alain Burette (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Richard Weinberg (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Session 8C: Real World

Chair: Jörg Meyer (University of California, Irvine)

Interactive Design of Multi-Perspective Images for Visualizing Urban Landscapes
Augusto Roman (Stanford University)
Gaurav Garg (Stanford University)
Marc Levoy (Stanford University)

Real-Time Motion Estimation and Visualization on Graphics Cards
Robert Strzodka (Research Center Caesar)
Christoph Garbe (Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing)

Dispersion Simulation and Visualization For Urban Security
Feng Qiu (Stony Brook University)
Ye Zhao (Stony Brook University)
Zhe Fan (Stony Brook University)
Xiaoming Wei (Stony Brook University)
Haik Lorenz (Stony Brook University)
Jianning Wang (Stony Brook University)
Suzanne Yoakum-Stover (Stony Brook University)
Arie Kaufman (Stony Brook University)
Klaus Mueller (Stony Brook University)