Deadlines and Submissions

Submission Deadlines

March 31, 2004 Abstracts of Applications Papers
Abstracts of Technical Papers
Abstract for VolVis
April 9, 2004 Full text of Applications Papers (Cutoff 11:59 PM Pacific Dayight Time)
Full text of Technical Papers (Cutoff 11:59 PM Pacific Dayight Time)
Tutorial Proposals
Full text of VolVis Papers (Cutoff 11:59 PM Pacific Dayight Time)
Full text of InfoVis Papers (Cutoff 11:59 PM Pacific Dayight Time)
May 31, 2004 Panel Proposals (Deadline extended)
June 21, 2004 InfoVis Posters Submissions
InfoVis Contest Submissions
June 30, 2004 Workshop Proposals
August 1, 2004 Poster Submissions
August 25, 2004 Interactive Demos Deadline extended.
September 6, 2004 Visualization Contest Submissions (New Deadline!)
October 1, 2004 Birds of a Feather Proposals
Conference Topics Conference topics include fundamental visualization algorithms and systems and their applications in various domains. A non-exclusive list includes:
  Visualization Algorithms, Data Structures, and Paradigms
  Usability and Human Factors in Visualization
  Multivariate Visualization
  Large Data and High Dimensional Visualization
  Visualization in Physical, Life, Social, and Information Science
  Visualization in Bioinformatics
  Visualization in Biomedicine
  Visualization in Commerce, Finance, and Visual Data Mining
  Visualization in Engineering disciplines, such as Aerospace and nvironmental
  Visualization in the Marketplace
  Visualization in National Security and Homeland Defense