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Papers 1
Visualization in Medicine
Chair: Terry Yoo

A Pipeline for Computer Aided Polyp Detection
Wei Hong, Feng Qiu, Arie Kaufman

Full Body Virtual Autopsies Using a State-of-the-art Volume Rendering Pipeline
Patric Ljung, Calle Winskog, Anders Persson, Claes Lundström, Anders Ynnerman

Real-Time Illustration of Vascular Structures
Felix Ritter, Christian Hansen, Volker Dicken, Olaf Konrad, Bernhard Preim, Heinz-Otto Peitgen

Lines of Curvature for Polyp Detection in Virtual Colonoscopy
Lingxiao Zhao, Charl P. Botha, Javier O. Bescos, Roel Truyen, Frans M. Vos, Frits H. Post

Papers 2
Information and MultiVariate Visualization
Chair: Matt Ward

Outlier-Preserving Focus+Context Visualization in Parallel Coordinates
Matej Novotny, Helwig Hauser

Composite Rectilinear Deformation for Stretch and Squish Navigation
James Slack, Tamara Munzner

Multi-variate, Time Varying, and Comparative Visualization with Contextual Cues
Jonathan Woodring, Han-Wei Shen

Multifield-Graphs: An Approach to Visualizing Correlations in Multifield Scalar Data
Natascha Sauber, Holger Theisel, Hans-Peter Seidel

Papers 3
Illustrative Visualization I
Chair: Cláudio Silva

Saliency-guided Enhancement for Volume Visualization
Youngmin Kim, Amitabh Varshney

Importance-Driven Focus of Attention
Ivan Viola, Miguel Feixas, Mateu Sbert, Meister Eduard Gröller

ClearView: An Interactive Context Preserving Hotspot Visualization Technique
Jens Krüger, Jens Schneider, Rüdiger Westermann

Papers 4
Flow Visualization
Chair: Edi Groeller

Visualization Tools for Vorticity Transport Analysis in Incompressible Flow
Filip Sadlo, Ronald Peikert, Mirjam Sick

Vortex Visualization for Practical Engineering Applications
Monika Jankun-Kelly, Ming Jiang, David Thompson, Raghu Machiraju

An Advanced Evenly-Spaced Streamline Placement Algorithm
Zhanping Liu, Robert J. Moorhead II, Joe Groner


Papers 5
Visualization Systems
Chair: Lisa Avila

Fine-grained Visualization Pipelines and Lazy Functional Languages
David Duke, Malcolm Wallace, Rita Borgo, Colin Runciman

A Novel Visualization Model for Web Search Results
Tien N. Nguyen, Jin Zhang

A Trajectory-Preserving Synchronization Method for Collaborative Visualization
Lewis W.F. Li, Frederick W.B. Li, Rynson W.H. Lau

Concurrent Visualization in a Production Supercomputing Environment
David Ellsworth, Bryan Green, Chris Henze, Patrick Moran, Timothy Sandstrom

Papers 6
User Interfaces
Chair: TJ Jankun-Kelly

Scalable WIM: Effective Exploration in Large-scale Astrophysical Environments
Yinggang Li, Chi-Wing Fu, Andrew J. Hanson

Using Visual Cues of Contact to Improve Interactive Manipulation of Virtual Objects in Industrial Assembly/Maintenance Simulations
Jean Sreng, Anatole Lécuyer, Christine Mégard, Claude Andriot

High-Level User Interfaces for Transfer Function Design with Semantics
Christof Rezk Salama, Maik Keller, Peter Kohlmann

LOD Map - A Visual Interface for Navigating Multiresolution Volume Visualization
Chaoli Wang, Han-Wei Shen

Papers 7
Visualization in Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Engineering I
Chair: Klaus Mueller

Analyzing Complex FTMS Simulations: a Case Study in High-Level Visualization of Ion Motions
Wojciech Burakiewicz, Robert van Liere

Detection and Visualization of Defects in 3D Unstructured Models of Nematic Liquid Crystals
Ketan Mehta, T.J. Jankun-Kelly

Understanding the Structure of the Turbulent Mixing Layer in Hydrodynamic Instabilities
Daniel Laney, Peer-Timo Bremer, Ajith Macarenhas, Paul Miller, Valerio Pascucci

Hub-based Simulation and Graphics Hardware Accelerated Visualization for Nanotechnology Applications
Wei Qiao, Michael McLennan, Rick Kennell, David S. Ebert, Gerhard Klimeck

Papers 8
Illustrative Visualization II
Chair: Jian Huang

Feature Aligned Volume Manipulation for Illustration and Visualization
Carlos D. Correa, Deborah Silver, Min Chen

Exploded Views for Volume Data
Stefan Bruckner, M. Eduard Gröller

Caricaturistic Visualization
Peter Rautek, Ivan Viola, Eduard Gröller

Papers 9
Video Systems and Time-Varying Data
Chair: Mark Duchaineau

Visual Signatures in Video Visualization
Min Chen, Ralf P. Botchen, Rudy R. Hashim, Daniel Weiskopf, Thomas Ertl, Ian M. Thornton

Asynchronous Distributed Calibration for Scalable and Reconfigurable Multi-Projector Displays
Ezekiel S. Bhasker, Pinaki Sinha, Aditi Majumder

Dynamic View Selection for Time-Varying Volumes
Guangfeng Ji, Han-Wei Shen

Papers 10
Chair: Chris North

Enhancing Depth Perception in Translucent Volumes
Marta Kersten, James Stewart, Niko Troje, Randy Ellis

Texturing of Layered Surfaces for Optimal Viewing
Alethea S. Bair, Donald H. House, Colin Ware

Subjective Quantification of Perceptual Interactions Among Some 2D Scientific Visualization Methods
Daniel Acevedo, David H. Laidlaw

Occlusion-Free Animation of Driving Routes for Car Navigation Systems
Shigeo Takahashi, Kenichi Yoshida, Kenji Shimada, Tomoyuki Nishita

Papers 11
Visualization in Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Engineering II
Chair: Russel Taylor

Interactive Visualization of Intercluster Galaxy Structures in the Horologium-Reticulum Supercluster
Jameson Miller, Cory W. Quammen, Matthew C. Fleenor

An Atmospheric Visual Analysis and Exploration System
Yuyan Song, Jing Ye, Nikolai Svakhine, Sonia Lasher-Trapp, Mike Baldwin, David Ebert

Visualization of Fibrous and Thread-like Data
Zeki Melek, David Mayerich, Cem Yuksel, John Keyser

Comparative Visualization for Wave-based and Geometric Acoustics
Eduard Deines, Martin Bertram, Jan Mohring, Jevgenij Jegorovs, Frank Michel, Hans Hagen, Gregory M. Nielson

Papers 12
Vector/Tensor Visualization I
Chair: Gerik Scheuermann

Hybrid Visualization for White Matter Tracts using Triangle Strips and Point Sprites
Dorit Merhof, Markus Sonntag, Frank Enders, Christopher Nimsky, Peter Hastreiter, Günther Greiner

Analyzing Vortex Breakdown Flow Structures by Assignment of Colors to Tensor Invariants
Markus Rütten, Min S. Chong

Superellipsoid-based, Real Symmetric Traceless Tensor Glyphs Motivated by Nematic Liquid Crystal Alignment Visualization
T.J. Jankun-Kelly, Ketan Mehta

Papers 13
Isosurfaces and Polygonal Meshes I
Chair: Dirk Barz

High-Quality Extraction of Isosurfaces from Regular and Irregular Grids
John Schreiner, Carlos E. Scheidegger, Cláudio T. Silva

Mesh Layouts for Block-Based Caches
Sung-Eui Yoon, Peter Lindstrom

Out-of-Core Remeshing of Large Polygonal Meshes
Minsu Ahn, Igor Guskov, Seungyong Lee


Papers 14
Large Data Set Visualization
Chair: Valerio Pascucci

Interactive Point-Based Rendering of Higher-Order Tetrahedral Data
Yuan Zhou, Michael Garland

Ambient Occlusion and Edge Cueing for Enhancing Real Time Molecular Visualization
Marco Tarini, Paolo Cignoni, Claudio Montani

Fast and Efficient Compression of Floating-Point Data
Peter Lindstrom, Martin Isenburg

Visualization and Analysis of Large Data Collections: a Case Study Applied to Confocal Microscopy Data
Wim de Leeuw, Pernette Verschure, Robert van Liere

Papers 15
Isosurfaces and Polygonal Meshes II
Chair: Ramani Duraiswami

On Histograms and Isosurface Statistics
Hamish Carr, Brian Duffy, Barry Denby

Interactive Point-based Isosurface Exploration and High-quality Rendering
Haitao Zhang, Arie Kaufman

Using Difference Intervals for Time-Varying Isosurface Visualization
Kenneth Waters, Christopher Co, Kenneth Joy

Isosurface Extraction and Spatial Filtering using Persistent Octree (POT)
Qingmin Shi, Joseph JaJa

Papers 16
Volume Rendering of Extremely Large Datasets
Chair: Xavier Tricoche

Scalable Data Servers for Large Multivariate Volume Visualization
Markus Glatter, Colin Mollenhour, Jian Huang, Jinzhu Gao

Distributed Shared Memory for Roaming Large Volumes
Laurent Castanié, Christophe Mion, Xavier Cavin, Bruno Lévy

Progressive Volume Rendering of Large Unstructured Grids
Steven P. Callahan, Louis Bavoil, Valerio Pascucci, Cláudio T. Silva

Papers 17
Vector/Tensor Visualization II
Chair: Holger Theisel

Representing Higher-Order Singularities in Vector Fields on Piecewise Linear Surfaces
Wan-Chiu Li, Bruno Vallet, Nicolas Ray, Bruno Lévy

Techniques for the Visualization of Topological Defect Behavior in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Vadim A. Slavin, Robert A. Pelcovits, George Loriot, Andrew Callan-Jones, David H. Laidlaw

Diffusion Tensor Visualization with Glyph Packing
Gordon Kindlmann, Carl-Fredrik Westin

Papers 18
Volume Modeling and Rendering
Chair: Dave Ebert

Extensions of the Zwart-Powell Box Spline for Volumetric Data Reconstruction on the Cartesian Lattice
Alireza Entezari, Torsten Möller

A Generic and Scalable Pipeline for GPU Tetrahedral Grid Rendering
Joachim Georgii, Rüdiger Westermann

A Spectral Analysis of Function Composition and its Implications for Sampling in Direct Volume Visualization
Steven Bergner, Torsten Möller, Daniel Weiskopf, David J. Muraki

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