_   Oct. 29-Nov. 3,2006  Baltimore MD USA    
  _ Vis Sessions
Interactive Demo Labs

NEW: Scientific Animation Theater

Vis 2006 will see the premiere of the Scientific Animation Theater. This year's film will include the following segments:

Exploring an Earthquake Simulation
Amit Chourasia, Steve Cutchin

27 Storms: Arlene to Zeta
Greg Shirah, Alex Kekesi, Lori Perkins, Horace Mitchell, Stuart A. Snodgrass, Marte Newcombe, Randall Jones, Jeff de La Beaujardiere, Kevin Mahoney, Eric Sokolowsky, Cindy Starr, Joycelyn Jones, James W. Williams, Jesse Allen, Tom Bridgman, Michael Starobin, Jeff Halverson

A Short Tour of the Cryosphere
Alex Kekesi, Cindy Starr, Horace Mitchell, Ryan Boller, Greg Shirah, Stuart A. Snodgrass, Walt Meier, Waleed Abdalati, Ron Weaver, Mary Jo Brodzik, Richard Armstrong, Jennifer Brennan, Carol Boquist, Brian Krupp, Jarrett Cohen, Michael Starobin, Mike Velle, Tom Bridgman, Randall Jones, Kevin Mahoney, Marte Newcombe, Lori Perkins, Eric Sokolowsky

Natural Neighbor Based Scattered Data Interpolation
Tom Bobach, Martin Bertram, Georg Umlauf

Room Acoustic Visualization and Auralization
Eduard Deines, Frank Michel, Martin Bertram, Hans Hagen, Falko Kuester

2003 San Diego Wildfires
Atul Nayak, Evan Morikawa, Hans-Werner Braun

Illustrative Visualization of Hurricane Katrina
Alark Joshi, Jesus Caban, Penny Rheingans, Lynn Sparling

Towards Photorealistic Rendering of Astrophysical & Cosmological Simulation Data: Proto-Star ionizes surrounding Proto-Galaxy
Ralf Kaehler, John Wise, Tom Abel, Hans-Christian Hege

Parallel Volume Rendering of a High-Fidelity Unstructured-Grid Fire Simulation
Kenneth Moreland, Sheldon Tiesze

EPSS-GE: An Earth and Planetary System Science Game Engine
Gloria Brown-Simmons, Falko Kuester, Christopher Knox, So Yamaoka

Symposium Demos
Sunday through Tuesday

The CanopyView Visualization Project - KeyVariable-Driven Ecology Visualization - In Java over Visualization Toolkit (VTK)
Judith Cushing, Lee Zeman, Michael Finch, Nalini Nadkarni and Anne Fiala,

Conference Demos
Wednesday through Friday

An Information Interface to a Life-seeking Desert Rover
Peter Coppin

Rapid Development of Visual Tools for Exploring Geospatial, Temporal, and Conceptual Information
Chris Weaver, Ritesh Agrawal, Jin Chen, Mike Stryker and Alan M. MacEachren

Full Week Demos
Sunday through Friday

Storylines - a Tool to Explore Events and Key Players in Stories
Weizhong Zhu and Chaomei Chen

Modelling and Understanding Knowledge Related to Digital Shapes - the AIM@SHAPE Approach
Laura Papaleo, Leila De Floriani, Bianca Falcidieno and Michela Spagnuolo

Great Grids: How and Why?
Maureen Stone and Lyn Bartram

Diorama Table
Keiko Takahashi and Shinji Sasada

Drishti: A Volume Exploration and Presentation Tool
Ajay Limaye

Visualization Interfaces on Reconfigurable High-Resolution Displays
Chris North

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