_   Oct. 29-Nov. 3,2006  Baltimore MD USA    
  _ Call for Participation

Research papers are solicited that present original research results clearly related to visualization problems. Application papers are solicited that present the contribution of visualization techniques toward the understanding of application-specific data. In particular, application papers must explain the effectiveness of the visualization methods for the particular application. For both research and application papers, we seek submissions of high quality that significantly further the knowledge and understanding of the visualization community.

Papers will be submitted electronically. Formatting instructions for the papers may be found here and submission instructions are here. Submissions are limited to 8 pages. The submission of a video (up to 5 minutes in length) to accompany the paper is encouraged. Papers, videos, and supporting materials will be submitted electronically. Note that submission of an abstract for papers is mandatory by March 21st, 2006, and full papers are due 10 days later. All submissions must be original works that have not been published previously in any conference proceedings, magazine or journal. We do not allow concurrent submissions. If we determine that a manuscript has been submitted to another conference or publication before IEEE Visualization's review process is completed, the manuscript will immediately be rejected.

Please refer here for detailed paper preparation guidelines.

Papers co-chairs:
Eduard Göller, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Alex Pang, University of California, Santa Cruz
Claudio T. Silva, University of Utah

Important Dates:

March 21, 2006 (5:00 PM PST) Abstract deadline
March 31, 2006 (5:00 PM PST) Submission deadline
June 8, 2006 Notification, 1st review cycle
July 17, 2006 Notification, 2nd review cycle
August 1, 2006 Camera-ready deadline

Vis06 Paper Awards Selection Procedure

IEEE Visualization Selection Procedure for Best Research and Best Application Papers:


  • The decision on the IEEE Visualization best research paper and best application paper will be made by an award committee.
  • The award committee consists of five members, including the three papers chairs, one member of the IEEE Visualization Steering Committee, and one external member.
  • The committee will be chaired by one of the papers chairs.
  • If a member experiences a conflict of interest he or she will step out and will be replaced by another senior researcher from our community.

2006 Committee Members for Best Research Paper:
Eduard Gröller (chair), Vienna University of Technology
David Ebert, Purdue University
Thomas Ertl, University of Stuttgart
Alex Pang, University of California, Santa Cruz
Cláudio T. Silva, University of Utah

2006 Committee Members for Best Application Paper:
Eduard Gröller (chair), Vienna University of Technology
Thomas Ertl, University of Stuttgart
Alex Pang, University of California, Santa Cruz
Cláudio T. Silva, University of Utah

Selection Procedure (done separately for research as well as application papers)

  • In a preselection process, each papers chair will select his/her top five candidates based on reviews, scores, potential, and impact on our field.s
  • The awards chair will compile a list of candidate papers (5-8) based on this preselection.
  • The candidate papers will be passed on to all members of the committee along with reviews and other supporting materials.
  • Each member will have to read all papers in advance and provide a ranked list to the award chair.
  • The award committee will meet twice for the conference: During a kick-off meeting at the beginning of the conference, and during a final meeting on Friday to make the decision.
  • The committee will set up a small prize to be conveyed by the awards chair.

For comments or questions please contact the Awards Committee Chair.

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