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Tuesday, 2:00PM - 3:40PM
Illustrative Visualization

Chair: TBA

Illustrative Deformation for Data Exploration
Carlos Correa, Deborah Silver, Min Chen

An Effective Illustrative Visualization Framework Based on Photic Extremum Lines (PELs)
Xuexiang Xie, Ying He, Feng Tian, Hock-Soon Seah, Xianfeng Gu, Hong Qin

Semantic Layers for Illustrative Volume Rendering
Peter Rautek, Stefan Bruckner, M. Eduard Gröller

Enhancing Depth-Perception with Flexible Volumetric Halos
Stefan Bruckner, M. Eduard Gröller

Tuesday, 2:00PM - 3:40PM
Tiled Displays and Parallel Processing

Chair: TBA

Tile-based Level of Detail for the Parallel Age
Krzysztof Niski, Jonathan D. Cohen

A Unified Paradigm for Scalable Multi-Projector Displays
Niranjan Damera-Venkata, Nelson L. Chang, Jeffrey M. DiCarlo

Registration Techniques for Using Imperfect and Partially Calibrated Devices in Planar Multi-Projector Displays
Ezekiel Bhasker, Ray Juang, Aditi Majumder

Time Dependent Processing in a Parallel Pipeline Architecture
John Biddiscombe, Berk Geveci, Ken Martin, Kenneth Moreland, David Thompson

Tuesday, 2:00PM - 3:40PM
Multifield and Multivariate

Chair: TBA

Multifield Visualization Using Local Statistical Complexity
Heike Jänicke, Alexander Wiebel, Gerik Scheuermann, Wolfgang Kollmann

Interactive Visual Analysis of Perfusion Data
Steffen Oeltze, Helmut Doleisch, Helwig Hauser, Philipp Muigg, Bernhard Preim

Variable Interactions in Query-Driven Visualization
Luke J. Gosink, John C. Anderson, E. Wes Bethel, Kenneth I. Joy

Visual Analysis of the Air Pollution Problem in Hong Kong
Huamin Qu, Wing-Yi Chan, Anbang Xu, Kai-Lun Chung, Kai-Hon Lau, Ping Guo

Tuesday, 4:15PM - 5:55PM

Chair: TBA

Topological Landscapes: A Terrain Metaphor for Scientific Data
Gunther H. Weber, Peer-Timo Bremer, Valerio Pascucci

IStar: A Raster Representation for Scalable Image and Volume Data
Joe Kniss, Warren Hunt, Kristin Potter, Pradeep Sen

Topologically Clean Distance Fields
Attila G. Gyulassy, Mark A. Duchaineau, Vijay Natarajan, Valerio Pascucci, Eduardo M. Bringa, Andrew Higginbotham, Bernd Hamann

Efficient Computation of Morse-Smale Complexes for Three-dimensional Scalar Functions
Attila Gyulassy, Vijay Natarajan, Valerio Pascucci, Bernd Hamann

Tuesday, 4:15PM - 5:55PM
Flow Field Visualization I

Chair: TBA

Similarity-Guided Streamline Placement with Error Evaluation
Yuan Chen, Jonathan D. Cohen, Julian H. Krolik

Efficient Visualization of Lagrangian Coherent Structures by Filtered AMR Ridge Extraction
Filip Sadlo, Ronald Peikert

Efficient Computation and Visualization of Coherent Structures in Fluid Flow Applications
Christoph Garth, Florian Gerhardt, Xavier Tricoche, Hans Hagen

Texture-based Feature Tracking for Effective Time-varying Data Visualization
Jesus Caban, Alark Joshi, Penny Rheingans

Wednesday, 8:30AM - 10:10AM
DT-MRI and Medical

Chair: TBA

Interactive Visualization of Volumetric White Matter Connectivity in DT-MRI Using a Parallel-Hardware Hamilton-Jacobi Solver
Won-Ki Jeong, P. Thomas Fletcher, Ran Tao, Ross T. Whitaker

Visualizing Whole-Brain DTI Tractography with GPU-based Tuboids and LoD Management
Vid Petrovic, James Fallon, Falko Kuester

Topological Visualization of Brain Diffusion MRI Data
Thomas Schultz, Holger Theisel, Hans-Peter Seidel

Stochastic DT-MRI Connectivity Mapping on the GPU
Tim McGraw, Mariappan Nadar

Wednesday, 8:30AM - 10:10AM

Chair: TBA

Efficient Surface Reconstruction using Generalized Coulomb Potentials
Andrei C. Jalba, Jos B. T. M. Roerdink

Surface Extraction from Multi-Material Components for Metrology using Dual Energy CT
Christoph Heinzl, Johann Kastner, Eduard Gröller

Construction of Simplified Boundary Surfaces from Serial-sectioned Metal Micrographs
Scott E. Dillard, John F. Bingert, Dan Thoma, Bernd Hamann

Random-Accessible Compressed Triangle Meshes
Sung-Eui Yoon, Peter Lindstrom

Wednesday, 10:30AM - 12:10AM
Navigation in Parameter Space

Chair: TBA

LiveSync: Deformed Viewing Spheres for Knowledge-Based Navigation
Peter Kohlmann, Stefan Bruckner, Armin Kanitsar, M. Eduard Gröller

Navigating in a Shape Space of Registered Models
Randall C. Smith, Richard Pawlicki, István Kókai, Jörg Finger, Thomas Vetter

Querying and Creating Visualizations by Analogy
Carlos E. Scheidegger, Huy T. Vo, David Koop, Juliana Freire, Cláudio Silva

Contextualized Videos: Combining Videos with Environment Models to Support Situational Understanding
Yi Wang, David A. Krum, Enylton M. Coelho, Doug A. Bowman

Wednesday, 2:00PM - 3:40PM
Volume Rendering

Chair: TBA

Lattice Based Volumetric Global Illumination
Feng Qiu, Fang Xu, Zhe Fan, Neophytos Neophytou, Arie Kaufman, Klaus Mueller

A Flexible Multi-Volume Shader Framework for Arbitrarily Intersecting Multi-Resolution Datasets
John Plate, Thorsten Holtkaemper, Bernd Froehlich

Scalable Hybrid Unstructured and Structured Grid Raycasting
Philipp Muigg, Markus Hadwiger, Helmut Doleisch, Helwig Hauser

Transform Coding for Hardware-accelerated Volume Rendering
Nathaniel Fout, Kwan-Liu Ma

Thursday, 8:30AM - 10:10AM
Molecules, Proteins, Medical

Chair: TBA

Molecular Surface Abstraction
Greg Cipriano, Michael Gleicher

Two Level Approach to Efficient Visualization of Protein Dynamics
Ove Daae Lampe, Ivan Viola, Nathalie Reuter, Helwig Hauser

Visual Verification and Analysis of Cluster Detection for Molecular Dynamics
Sebastian Grottel, Guido Reina, Jadran Vrabec, Thomas Ertl

CoViCAD: Comprehensive Visualization of Coronary Artery Disease
Maurice Termeer, Javier Oliván Bescós, Marcel Breeuwer, Anna Vilanova, Frans Gerritsen, Meister Eduard Gröller

Thursday, 8:30AM - 10:10AM
Uncertainty and Perception

Chair: TBA

Visualizing Large-scale Uncertainty in Astrophysical data
Hongwei Li, Chi-Wing Fu, Yinggang Li, Andrew Hanson

Uncertainty Visualization in Medical Volume Rendering Using Probabilistic Animation
Claes Lundström, Patric Ljung, Anders Persson, Anders Ynnerman

A Grid with a View: Optimal Texturing for Perception of Layered Surface Shape
Alethea Bair, Donald House

Conjoint Analysis for Measuring the Perceived Quality in Volume Rendering
Joachim Giesen, Klaus Mueller, Eva Schuberth, Lujin Wang, Peter Zolliker

Thursday, 8:30AM - 10:10AM
Multimodal Interactions

Chair: TBA

Frustum Tracing for Interactive Sound Rendering in Complex Dynamic Scenes Christian Lauterbach, Anish Chandak, Dinesh Manocha

Listener-based Analysis of Surface Importance for Acoustic Metrics
Frank Michel, Eduard Deines, Martin Hering-Bertram, Christoph Garth, Hans Hagen

Shadow-Driven 4D Haptic Visualization
Hui Zhang, Andrew J. Hanson

High-Quality Multimodal Volume Rendering for Preoperative Planning of Neurosurgical Interventions
Johanna Beyer, Markus Hadwiger, Stefan Wolfsberger, Katja Bühler

Thursday, 10:30AM - 12:10PM
Points, Segmentation, and Isosurfaces

Chair: TBA

Topology, Accuracy, and Quality of Isosurface Meshes Using Dynamic Particles
Miriah Meyer, Robert M. Kirby, Ross Whitaker

Visualization of Cosmological Particle-Based Datasets
Paul Arthur Navrátil, Jarrett L. Johnson, Volker Bromm

Segmentation of Three-dimensional Retinal Image Data
Alfred R. Fuller, Rober t J. Zawadzki, Stacey Choi, David F. Wiley, John S. Werner, Bernd Hamann

Interactive Isosurface Ray Tracing of Time-Varying Tetrahedral Volumes
Ingo Wald, Heiko Friedrich, Aaron Knoll, Charles Hansen

Thursday, 10:30AM - 12:10PM
Flow Field Visualization II

Chair: TBA

Generalized Streak Lines: Analysis and Visualization of Boundary Induced Vortices
Alexander Wiebel, Xavier Tricoche, Dominic Schneider, Heike Jänicke, Gerik Scheuermann

Moment Invariants for the Analysis of 2D Flow Fields
Michael Schlemmer, Manuel Heringer, Florian Morr, Ingrid Hotz, Martin Hering-Bertram, Christoph Garth, Wolfgang Kollmann, Bernd Hamann, Hans Hagen

Virtual Rheoscopic Fluids for Flow Visualization
William L. Barth, Christopher A. Burns

Cores of Swirling Particle Motion in Unsteady Flows
Tino Weinkauf, Jan Sahner, Holger Theisel, Hans-Christian Hege

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