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Interactive Demo Labs

Forward to the Past: Analog Glyphs for Real-Time Telemetry Monitoring
Helen Cunningham (Sun Microsystems Laboratories)

Visualization of Events for Consumer's Photo Collections
Jiajian Chen (Georgia Institute of Technology), Stacie Hibino (Kodak Research Lab )

Automatic Generation System for Multiple-Roofed 3-D Building Models from Digital Maps
Kenichi Sugihara (Gifu Keizai University), Yoshitugu Hayashi

Tom Paper, Jamie Anderson (Data360)

Visualizing very large layered graphs with quilts
Ben Watson (North Carolina State University)
Himesh Patel (SAS)

Visual Verification and Analysis of Cluster Detection for Molecular Dynamics
Sebastian Grottel (Universität Stuttgart)

Scientific Animation Theater (SAT)

Chair: Joerg Meyer, University of California, Irvine

The Scientific Animation Theater (SAT) is a showcase for scientific animations, video clips, or visualizations of time-varying processes or data.

The video clips shown at IEEE Visualization 2007 are examples of this year's state-of-the-art in scientific visualization, computer graphics, and rendering. The focus of the submitted works was supposed to be less on artistic impression and commercial applications, and more on scientific content, "how-to" illustrations, animated visualizations, and narrated software/application demos.

All submissions were reviewed by the Scientific Animation Theater chair and compiled into a reel shown in a repeating loop during the conference.

  1. Towers in the Tempest (4:20)
    Greg Shirah, Lori Perkins, Horace Mitchell, Alex Kekesi, James W. Williams, Stuart A. Snodgrass, Marte Newcombe, Randall Jones, Joycelyn Jones, Tom Bridgman, Cindy Starr, Helen-Nicole Kostis (NASA/GSFC)
  2. Digital Re-creation of a Seven Story Building Shake during an Earthquake (1:49)
    Amit Chourasia, Steve Cutchin (San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California at San Diego)
  3. Reionization of the Universe (0:29)
    Ralf Kaehler (Zuse Institute Berlin, Germany, and SLAC/KIPAC, Stanford University), Tom Abel (Stanford), Hans-Christian Hege (Zuse Institute Berlin, Germany)
  4. Elastic Secondary Deformations by Vector Field Integration (3:15)
    Wolfram von Funck, Hans-Peter Seidel (MPI Informatik), Holger Theisel (Bielefeld University)
  5. Visualization of Vascular Structures (2:29)
    Thomas Wischgoll (Wright State University)
  6. Breast Tumor Diagnosis (5:12)
    Steffen Oeltze, Bernhard Preim (University of Magdeburg, Germany), Helmut Doleis ch, Philipp Muigg (VRVis), Helwig Hauser (University of Bergen)
  7. Texture-based Feature Tracking for Effective Time-Varying Data Visualization (3:06)
    Jesus J. Caban, Alark Joshi, Penny Rheingans (UMBC)
  8. Stochastic DT-MRI Connectivity Mapping on the GPU (1:14)
    Tim McGraw (West Virginia University), Mariappan Nadar (Siemens Corporate Research)
  9. Interactive Visualization of Volumetric White Matter Connectivity in DT-MRI Using a Parallel-Hardware Hamilton-Jacobi Solver (7:03)
    Won-Ki Jeong, P. Thomas Fletcher, Ran Tao, Ross T. Whitaker (University of Utah)
  10. The Golden Age of Supercomputing (4:46)
    Chris Johnson et al. (University of Utah)
  Oct. 28-Nov. 1, 2007, Sacramento, California, USA
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