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IEEE Visualization Graphics Technical CommitteeIEEEIEEE CS
Vis 2007 Conference Committee
General Chairs
Ken Joy University of California, Davis
Amitabh Varshney University of Maryland
Incoming Chairs
Raghu Machiraju The Ohio State University
Roger Crawfis The Ohio State University
Program Chairs
Rachael Brady Duke University
John Stasko Georgia Institute of Technology
Papers Chairs, Visualization
Alex Pang University of California, Santa Cruz
Chuck Hansen University of Utah
Min Chen University of Swansea
Papers Chairs, InfoVis
Jarke van Wijk Eindhoven University of Technology
Chris North Virginia Tech
Posters Chairs, Visualization
Gordon Kindlmann Brigham and Women's Hospital
Lars Linsen University of Bremen
Posters Chairs, InfoVis
Kwan-Liu Ma University of California, Davis
Martin Wattenberg IBM
Panels Chairs
Sheelagh Carpendale University of Calgary
Mike Kirby University of Utah
Publicity Chairs
Lisa Avila Kitware
Jean-Daniel Fekete INRIA
Dirk Bartz University of Leipzig
Tutorials Chairs
Dirk Bartz University of Leipzig
Stephen North AT&T
Workshops Chairs
Gerik Scheuermann University of Leipzig
Interactive Demos
Joerg Meyer University of California, Irvine
Lyn Bartram Simon Fraser University
Frank van Ham IBM
Bill McGilvery ChoicePoint
Finance Chair
Loretta Auvil NCSA
Birds of a Feather Chair
Gunther Weber Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jing Yang University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Contest Chairs, Visualization
Russel Taylor II University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Contest Chairs, InfoVis
TJ Jankun-Kelly Mississippi State University
Robert Kosara University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Eleanor Chlan Johns Hopkins University
Publications Chairs
Torsten Moeller Simon Fraser University
Chris Weaver Penn State University
Art Show Chairs
Golan Levin Carnegie Mellon University
Ben Fry Carnegie Mellon University
Fernanda Viegas IBM
Student Volunteer Chairs
Maria Cecilia Velez Rutgers University
Ming Jiang Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Gautam Chaudhary University of California at Irvine
Steve Lamont University of California, San Diego
Local Arrangements Liaison
Pat Gomez University of California, Davis
Jamie Jones University of California, Davis
IEEE VAST Symposium Liaison
Bill Ribarsky University of North Carolina, Charlotte
John Dill Simon Fraser University