Keynote Speaker

Wednesday, October 26:

"The Utility of Points as Primitives for Visualization "
Markus Gross, Computer Graphics Lab, ETH Zürich


The concept of visualization primitives has evolved continuously over the past decades. More and more sophisticated building blocks have been proposed for the efficient visualization of complex datasets. In recent years, however, we observe an opposite trend towards point primitives, which have received a growing attention in graphics and visualization. There are two major reasons for this trend: On one hand, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number and complexity of primitives required for high quality visualization. The overhead of managing, processing, and manipulating more complex primitives becomes more and more a limiting factor. On the other hand, scientific datasets, be they from real-world experiments or from simulations, very often provide irregular samples making point primitives a natural representation.

In this talk I will discuss the utility and versatility of point primitives for scientific visualization and present a survey the latest research results in this area. Concepts for the representation of point sampled shapes will be discussed, as well as methods for interactive modeling of point clouds. In addition, I will address data filtering methods for the processing and resampling of point data. I will also give examples for high performance display of point clouds. Furthermore, I will discuss how point based representations can help to bridge the gap between numerical simulations and interactive visualization and demonstrate their potential for a fusion of both. The talk will end with a critical investigation of the pros and cons of point primitives and I will point out unsolved problems as well as future research directions.


Dr. Gross is a professor of computer science, head of the Institute of Computational Sciences, and director of the Computer Graphics Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich. He received a Master of Science in electrical and computer engineering and a PhD in computer graphics, both from the University of Saarbrucken, Germany in 1986 and 1989. His research interests include scientific visualization and computer graphics, in particular point-based graphics, physics-based modeling, multiresolution analysis, and virtual reality. He has widely published and lectured on these topics, and has taught courses at major conferences including ACM SIGGRAPH, IEEE Visualization, and Eurographics. Dr. Gross has served as a member of international program committees of many graphics and visualization conferences. He was a papers co-chair of the IEEE Visualization 1999 and 2002 conferences and of Eurographics 2000. This year, Dr. Gross has been chair of the papers committee of the ACM SIGGRAPH conference. He is a senior member of IEEE, a member of the IEEE Computer Society, a member of ACM and ACM Siggraph, and a member of the Eurographics Association. Dr. Gross is also a member of the advisory boards of various international research institutes and governmental agencies, and he has cofounded Cyfex and Novodex.

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