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Using CoMIRVA for Visualizing Similarities Between Music Artists
Markus Schedl, Peter Knees, Gerhard Widmer, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Visual Exploration of Multidimensional Feature Space of Biological Data
Tomasz Arodź, Krzysztof Boryczko, Witold Dzwinel, Marcin Kurdziel, David A. Yuen, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

Exploring Defects in Nematic Liquid Crystal
Ketan Mehta, Matthew Lee, T.J. Jankun-Kelly, Mississippi State University

Neuroanatomical Image Alignment
Issac Trotts, Bruno Olshausen, Edward Jones, University of California, Davis

A Visualization Tool for fMRI Data Mining
Nicu D. Cornea, Ulukbek Ibraev, Deborah Silver, Paul Kantor, Ali Shokoufandeh, Jeff Abrahamson, Sven Dickinson, Rutgers University

Integrated 3D Visualization of fMRI and DTI tractography
Jan Hardenbergh, Bradley R. Buchbinder, Shirley A. M. Thurston, Jonathan W. Lombardi, Gordon J. Harris, TeraRecon, Inc.

Dynamic Volume Rendering for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Treatment
Raj Arangarasan, Sungeun Kim, Seza Orcun, Purdue University

Volume Exploration Using Spatially Linked Transfer Functions
Vivek Vaidya, Rakesh Mullick, Navneeth Subramanian, GE Global Research

Scientific Visualization of Time-Varying Oceanographic and Meteorological Data using VR
Kim Chang Sik, Kim Jinah, Lim Hak Soo, Park Kyoung Shin, Park Jinah, Korea Ocean R&D Institute

Enclosure Sphere Based Cell Visibility for Virtual Endoscopy
Jianfei Liu, Xiaopeng Zhang, Institution of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Perceptually-Based Comparisons of Direct Volume Rendered Images
Hon-Cheng Wong, Huamin Qu, Un-Hong Wong, Zesheng Tang, Macao University of Science and Technology

Evaluation of Areal Touch Feedback for Palpation Simulation
Jinah Park, Sang Youn Kim, Ki Uk Kyung, Dong Soo Kwon, Information and Communications University, Korea

Using Visual Design Expertise to Characterize the Effectiveness of 2D Scientific Visualization Methods
Daniel Acevedo, David Laidlaw, Fritz Drury, Brown University

A Web-Based Visualization Solution for Very Large 2D Datasets
Maxwell Rudolph, Taras Gerya, David Yuen, Oberlin College

NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio Image Server
Eric Sokolowsky, Horace Mitchell, Jeff de La Beaujardiere, Global Science and Technology

The EventScope Remote Science Operations Tool: Using a Visualization of a Remote Location as an Interface for Robotic Exploration
Eben Myers, Peter Coppin, Michael Wagner, Luisa Lu, W. Ronald McCloskey, David Seneker, Kevin McCloskey, Platform Digital, LLC

Noise-Adjusted Principle Component Analysis For Hyperspectral Remotely Sensed Imagery Visualization
Shangshu Cai, Qian Du, Robert Moorhead, Mahnas Jean Mohammadi-Aragh, Derek Irby, ERC/GeoResources Institute, Mississippi State University

Interactive CSG Trees Inside Complex Scenes
Jan Ohlenburg, Jan Müller, Fraunhofer FIT, Germany

View--dependent Meshing And Rendering of Tetrahedral Meshes
Ralf Sondershaus, Wolfgang Strasser, University of Tübingen, Germany

Particle Generation from User-specified Transfer Function for Point-based Volume Rendering
Naohisa Sakamoto, Koji Koyamada, Kyoto University

Anisotropic Ellipsoidal Smoothing of Volume Data
Bai Xue, Nelson Max, Cristina Siegerist, University of California, Davis

A System for Interactive Volume Visualization on the PowerWall
Paul R. Woodward, David H. Porter, Michael R. Knox, Steven T. Andringa, Alexander J Larson, Aaron Stender, University of Minnesota

Visualizing Large Scale Laser-Plasma Interaction 3D Simulations Using Parallel VTK and Extensions on Clusters
Daniel Aguilera, Thierry Carrard, Guillaume Colin de Verdiere, Jean-Philippe Nomine, CEA/DIF DSSI, France

Visualization in the Earth Sciences: A Discussion on Various Visualization Methods using Amira
S.M. Wang, M. Damon, D.A. Yuen, University of Minnesota

Clustering Techniques for Out-Of-Core Multi-resolution Modeling
Emanuele Danovaro, Leila De Floriani, Enrico Puppo, Hanan Samet, University of Genova, Italy

Volume Rendering of Real-Time 3D Echocardiographic Data
Vladimir Zagrodsky, Raj Shekhar, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

A Concurrent Visualization System for High-Performance Computational Simulations
Joe Groner, Matthew Lee, Joel Martin, Robert Moorhead, James Newman, Mississipi State University

PSALM: A Data Model for Pervasive Visualization
Huamin Qu, Hong Zhou, Yingcai Wu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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