IEEE Visualization 2005 Contest

The Visualization 2005 Contest built upon the success of last year's inaugural contest in order to foster comparison of novel and established techniques, provide benchmarks for the community, and to create an exciting venue for discussion at the conference.

The contest was open to everyone (excluding the contest organizers and judges)—individuals or teams from academia, industry, or elsewhere. Students and student teams were highly encouraged to participate. Existing tools and research prototypes could have been used, and different tools could have been combined where desired. The entries were judged upon the completeness of the solution (with regards to the given tasks) and the effectiveness of the solution. Partial answers focusing on a particular data set, aspect of a task, etc. were acceptable

The winners for this years contest were:

Theme and Data Sets

The theme for the IEEE Visualization 2005 Contest was Rendering Revolution. With recent advances in non-photorealistic visualization, global illumination models for visualization, and multi-modal depictions of data and visualization parameters, the field stands at the cusp of leveraging these novel methods for more effective visualization. To encourage this development, the 2005 IEEE Visualization Contest focused this year on these new techniques. For more information, please consult the tasks and data pages.