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IEEE Visualization 2001 DVD-ROM Instructions

from Robert McDermott, Electronic Publications Editor

This year the IEEE Visualization 2001 Conference will produce Conference Proceedings on DVD-ROM. This format gives us the opportunity to provide in a single package electronic versions of the papers, videos, links to web sites related to the research, and supplemental materials such as images, and presentations.

The DVD-ROM will include papers in PDF, video in MPEG2 format, supporting images not appearing in the paper in TIF format, presentations in PowerPoint files, and authors' URLs for linking to current web pages related to the authors' papers (e.g., final presentation PowerPoint file). The DVD-ROM proceedings will include a list of program topics from the symposium sessions and indices for all authors and all institutions associated with papers.

How to Submit

Data can be submitted via email directly to or by submitting to us by email an anonymous ftp site address and instructions for downloading your files. Please take care to be clear in your instructions.

Please click here for the DVD Rights Release form.

What/when to submit
Submit To
Paper/PDF August 1, 2001 Torsten Möller ( Mandatory
Videos August 8, 2001 Robert McDermott (  
PowerPoint files August 28, 2001 Robert McDermott (  
URLs August 28, 2001 Robert McDermott (  

All deadlines are the date that materials must be received at the University of Utah. 

Robert McDermott 
155 South 1452 East, Room 405 
CHPC, University of Utah 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 USA

(801) 581-4370 office
(801) 585-5366 fax


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